About Us

I started Hurlingham Media, in 2005, because I wanted to share my passion for the game with other players and enthusiasts.  I thought there was an opportunity to produce a magazine and a web site about polo that could convey the spirit of this exciting adrenalin-fuelled sport.

In the current edition and on the website you will see a blend of information, opinion, and lifestyle, reflecting the interests of the polo community both on and off the playing field.

As a polo player myself, I believe that the polo media must keep up with the pace of change in this modern and dynamic sport. This is what we aim to achieve at Hurlingham, and I very much hope that you will enjoy the results.

Roderick Vere Nicoll


In addition to the magazine, there are opportunities to work with polo in a broader way. Hurlingham Media deals closely with luxury brand owners wanting to access the affluent people who play and watch polo.

This is not just one of the world’s richest communities, it is also one of the most influential, made up of leaders and opinion-formers from the very top of society.

No community is more committed to its sport than the polo fraternity. Polo players have a legendary zeal for their game. They tend to be “doers” – dynamic individuals who are successful, active, worldly and like to live life in the proverbial fast lane. They are high earners and big spenders.

Hurlingham Media is able to offer appropriate luxury brand owners the opportunity to associate their brand with the unique image of the game. To achieve this, Hurlingham Media can offer a programme of sponsorship and other brand support which will deliver real awareness among this wealthy community.

Hurlingham Media Brand Partner Programmes include sponsoring existing events; sponsoring specifically staged events; sponsoring teams; corporate hospitality linked to sponsored events; and outdoor advertising at events.

Please contact us for further information on +44 7714 836 102 or admin@hurlinghampolo.com