Polo Clubs

The ability to watch or participate in a match of polo, no matter where you might be travelling, has dramatically increased over the years. From beach polo in Dubai to snow polo in St. Moritz, international polo players and fans alike find their way to vast expanses of polo fields, whether they’re covered with grass or with snow.

The spirit of the polo game is just as strong in New Delhi as it is in Hamburg, as players continue to take top horses to the field in an effort to recreate the war-game practices of the ancient Mongol warriors as they honed their skills for battle so many centuries ago.

Forget the fact that you’re sipping Sangria on the Cote de Azur or shushing the slopes of Aspen moments after the game has ended. No matter where you go or what country you find yourself in, chances are that there’s a polo club nearby. The general public is welcome and watching a game of polo with your family is a great way to spend an afternoon. Take a look at the list and pick a club…