Polo Vacations

Winston Churchill once said that a polo handicap was the most important passport you could carry, and the ability to travel the globe in search of new the “sport of kings”, allows a player or an aspiring player the ability to select a climate, country or level of competition that best suits him or her.

Polo Holidays

Whether it’s Argentina, Mexico, Barbados, Thailand or Mongolia, you can truly holiday in some of the most amazing destinations in the world while enjoying modes and manners of polo that are transcended by the sport itself. From the galloping hooves of the Argentine ponies on the vast Pampas of South America to a more rustic battle with mallet and ball on the Steppes of Asia, from the beaches of Barbados to the resort cities of Mexico, the call to travel the world in pursuit of the game continues to beckon those of us with a sense of wanderlust. And the common language being spoken-polo. The games is played by all ages and 30% are women.

Have a look at the selection below and select your holiday destination….


Thai Polo & Equestrian Club

Thailand and her people are well known for their friendly smiles and their genuine hospitality coupled with an exceptional fondness to provide charming and exquisite service.Our aim at Thai Polo and Equestrian Club, only one hour away from the Bangkok International Airport, is to provide you as our guests with joyful, exciting unforgettable experiences at our facilities in a sporting, unassuming context with natural surroundings of 600 acres or 250 ha of Thai countryside overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, adjacent to rolling protected hills, most suitable for endurance, eventing, trailriding and, of course, polo.



La Bamba de Areco

Ideally located only 120 km from Buenos Aires and close to San Antonio de Areco in the heart of the Pampa, one of the oldest estancias in Argentina, recently renovated with great care as a boutique hotel, successfully combines luxurious comfort and colonial elegance.

The feeling of being welcomed into a private home, into a property steeped in history and tradition makes this hotel a special and timeless place for relaxation. Exquisite cuisine, refined service, gaucho traditions and equestrian sports add to the unique magic of La Bamba.


Estancia Los Patos 

The Estrada family, of great polo tradition, invites guests to practice one of the more exclusive sports in the world, offering them horses, all necessary elements, and a especially designed polo clinic for those who wish to be initiated in this sport.
At the estancia, polo ponies are raised, broken in and trained. The polo field at the Estancia Los Patos is one of those existing in the area and its use is subject to the activities previously planned by polo players who usually play there.
In the polo fields at Estancia Los Patos many renowned polo players have played, among them Adolfo Cambiaso (h), who is presently considered the best player in the world, and is distinguished by most of the polo colleagues, as one of the best players in the history of this exclusive sport.




Casa Agua Alta 

We are located three miles south of the Costa Careyes resort. The club has playing fields, stables and restaurant Rancho Don Andres. Polo level of 6 to 10 goals. One pro of at least 5 goals at full disposal every four guest players.
Other pros participating in the games. After clinic and games your pro will lead you on the choice of your preferred restaurant and will put you in touch with the responsible person for the available activities.