Polo Players

There is no more talented athlete in sport than the highest rated polo player . Understanding that he must be a top horseman, having the ability to move his mount from one place to another with the sheer movement of his legs; that his hand-eye coordination must be capable of pinpointing the stroke of a fifty-three inch bamboo polo mallet at blink of an eye, sending a small plastic ball through the goal posts or down the field to an awaiting teammate, shows the talent required.

The polo player’s knowledge of the game must be such that he is capable of playing the game of chess on horseback at a blistering speed, knowing full well where each and every other player on the field is located or will be located. His stamina must be that of a long-distance runner, as he is in constant motion throughout every chukker of every match, while spending endless hours in the saddle every day of every week to keep both his horses and himself fit. These amazing athletes are few and far between, and should be acknowledged for their accomplishments. Below are some to worlds’ best players.