2 New ten goalers in the UK


Handicap Changes Agreed at the High Goal  Meeting on 23rd July 2008

To be
ratified by the Stewards in September 2008 effective 1st January 2009

   Surname                 First Name    Main Club            2nd Club              Prev               New  H’Cap                  OSP   New 08

   Arellano                 Julio             RCBPC                                          (8)                   7                             OSP       No

   Bensadon              Francisco      Knepp
                                  (8)                   8                             OSP      Yes

   Roldan                  Nicolas         Guards                                          (8)                   8                             OSP       No

   Aguero                  Guillermo       Guards                                          (7)                   7                             OSP      Yes

   Araya                    Santiago        RCBPC                                          (7)                   7                             OSP       No

   Laprida                  Cristian         Cowdray                                        (7)                   7                             OSP       No

   Figueras                Nacho           Cowdray                                        (6)                   6                             OSP       No

   Gonzalez Gracida     Roberto         Ham                                             (6)                   N/R                          OSP       No

   Mackenzie              Buster           Cowdray                                        (6)                   CF                           ZA         No

   Zavaleta                 Juan             Cowdray                                        (6)                   6                             OSP      Yes

   Tassara                 Jorge            Beaufort                                         (5)                   CF                           OSP      Yes

   Willans                  Andrew         Burningfold                                    (5)                   CF                           EU         No