2012 La Aguada Polo Club Open

2012 La Aguada Polo Club Open

A new edition of La Aguada Polo Club Open will start on Tuesday April 24, at the Novillo Astrada family’s club, located in Open Door, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The competition, the highest rated tournament held in clubs during the autumn season in Argentina, will showcase four teams up to 30 goals, each of them featuring some of the most important players worldwide.

The opening day will have one match, Las Monjitas vs. La Aguada, at 3pm. Finals are due on Wednesday, May 2.

The Teams:

Las Monjitas: Eduardo Novillo Astrada Jr. (9), Lucas James (8), Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario (7), Santiago Bottaro (5). Total: 29

La Aguada: Javier Novillo Astrada (9), Alejandro Novillo Astrada (8), Santiago Toccalino (7), Martin de Narvaez (6). Total: 30

La Aguada El Dok: Ignacio Novillo Astrada (9), Guillermo Caset Jr. (9), Lucas di Paola (6), Ignacio Negri (6). Total: 30

Sol de Agosto: Miguel Novillo Astrada (9), Francisco de Narvaez Jr. (8), Julio Novillo Astrada (8), Juan Carlos Harriet (5). Total: 30


Tuesday, April 24 (at La Aguada PC)

3pm – Las Monjitas vs. La Aguada (field 3)

Wednesday, April 25

3pm – Sol de Agosto vs. La Aguada El Dok (field 4)

Friday, April 27 (at La Aguada PC)

2pm – Loser I vs. Loser II (field 4) 4pm – Winner I vs. Winner II (field 3)


Tuesday, May 1 (at Sol de Agosto) 2pm – Loser I vs. Winner I 4pm – Winner II vs. Loser II 

Wednesday, May 2 (at La Aguada PC) Finals, time to be determined