2019 East Coast Open Championship

Monterosso's Naco Taverna in East Coast Open action. Photo Marcelo Bianchi.

The 2019 East Coast Open Final is set: Postage Stamp Farm (Annabelle Gundlach, Brandon Phillips, Lerin Zubiaurre, Tomas Garcia del Rio) will take on Monterosso (Alessandro Bazzoni, Igancio Toccalino, Naco Taverna, Santino Magrini) each earning a chance to win this historic tournament for the first time. 

In the semi-final round, Audi and Monterosso played a thrilling overtime match. Audi led for most of the game, and with less than a minute to play and trailing by a goal, Monterosso scored a clutch penalty 4 from 60 yards to tie the game at 11-11 forcing overtime. Both teams had early chances to score in the sudden death chukker, with Monterosso making some key saves in front of their own goal. The winning score was made by Santino Magrini sending Monterosso to the final, with a 13-12 score. 

Postage Stamp Farm made a statement in their semi-final match against Monterosso Vikings, leading by as much a four goals in the second half. Monterosso Vikings staged a valiant effort to pull back and catch up within two points difference with goals by promising young player Barto Castongola. Postage Stamp’s 8-goal superstar Tomas Garcia del Rio provided half the offense scoring six goals en route to their 12-10 victory. 

The gates for Sunday Public Matches open at 1 p.m., with the final polo match between Postage Stamp Farm and Monterosso beginning at 3 p.m. Greenwich Polo Club offers many different seating options to fit any budget, with various different ways to enjoy the match. Grab your tickets for the weekend now. See everyone at Polo!