43rd Land Rover International Polo Tournament – Day 32 – Gold Cup

43rd Land Rover International Polo Tournament – Day 32 – Gold Cup

Location: Santa María Polo Club Sotogrande

Country: Spain

By Victoria Elsbury-Legg

Opening play on Spanish soil at 11am on Tuesday were Low Goal teams Serdanola and Valdeparras-Marques de Torneros both keen to secure the first place in Friday’s Gold Cup final.  As in their last meeting, in a Silver Cup league game, Serdanola came away the winners 12 goals to Valdeparras-Marques de Torneros 7.  Next eyes turned to the 12:15 match between the still undefeated Huntsman and Silex (who Huntsman had defeated on Sunday 6-5).  It seems that no one can stop the aptly named team from hunting down the goals in Sotogrande, as they left the pitch with 13-10 on the board, meaning the Low Goal Gold Cup Final will be a replicate of the Silver one with Serdanola facing Huntsman once again, this time at 16:30 on Friday August 29th on Los Pinos Fields II.

Later in the day it was High Goal Subsidiary Semi Finals time in the Copa de Ora with Victor Vargas’s Lechuza Caracas (Francisco Elizade, Juan Martin Nero and Matt Perry) up against Michael Bickford’s La Indiana (Marcos Araya, John Paul Clarkin and Juan Gris Zavaleta).  By the fourth Lechuza Caracas were four goals ahead at 8-4, when injury delayed play with Michael Bickford being substituted by Haynes.  By the end of the match, with five goals difference (11-6) Lechuza Caracas won the first place in Saturday’s Gold Cup Semi’s at 16:30.

In the following game, it was a happy Halcyon Gallery who left the pitch 9-3 ahead of Royal Salute, meaning English Pros Charlie Hanbury, Max Routledge and Matt Perry, along with their team mates from Lechuza Caracas and Halcyon Gallery, will be meeting on a Spanish pitch on Saturday to decide who will be the winner of the 43rd Land Rover International Polo Tournament High Goal Gold Cup Subsidiary Final. 

Wednesday 27th August 2014

Gold Cup – High Goal Semi Finals