43rd Land Rover International Polo Tournament – Day 34 – Gold Cup

43rd Land Rover International Polo Tournament – Day 34 – Gold Cup

Location: Santa María Polo Club Sotogrande

Country: Spain

By Victoria Elsbury-Legg

Things began to draw to a close in Sotogrande on Friday, with the Finals of the Gold Cup Low and Medium Goal taking place.  First matches to be played at 16:30 were the Subsidiary Medium Goal Final between Mahra-Esperanza and Lebeau-Courally on Los Pinos Field I, and the Low Goal Gold Cup Final (in a replica of the Bronze Cup Final) between Serdonola and the yet undefeated Huntsman.  Replicating their success in the Medium Goal Silver Cup Subsidiary Final Marhra-Esperanza left the pitch the winners 16-9 to Lebeau-Courally.  Whilst on Los Pinos II, Huntsman (Aristide Faggionato, Dillon Bacon, Felipe Gomez and Ian Maldonado) were the first team in the Sotogrande 2014 season to do the triple, beating Serdonola once again (11-9), to this time be crowned the winners of the Gold Cup Low Goal.

In the following Subsidiary Low Goal Gold Cup Final, Kazab Shakib once again met Bayswater and as in the Silver Cup, beat them 6-3.  Meanwhile on Los Pinos Field III, it was team Equus (Peter Silling, Juan Britos, James Beim and Hugo Lewis) who were looking to do the double in 2014 and retain the Medium Goal Gold Cup (which they won in 2013) and add it to their previous Silver win, this time they faced FCT.  By the start of the third chukka Equus were already six goals up, 8-2 FCT, extending their lead to 15-8 to ride away the winners once again in 2014, at the final bell. 

So thoughts turn to Saturday’s High Goal Gold Cup Finals where an as yet undefeated Cambiaso and Robert Jornayvaz’s Valiente (Santiago Torres and Santiago Laborde) face the team from down under James Packer, Thomas Brodie and the might of the brother Pieres. 

Missing out on the Sotogrande sun?  Watch the Copa de Oro: Live Stream August 30th @ 6.15 Madrid Time – online at www.hurlinghammedia.com 

Saturday 30th August 2014

Gold Cup – High Goal