45th Indi International Polo Tournament

Dos Lunas and Ayala will define by penalty shootouts the last semifinalist


Dos Lunas A&G Banca Privada defeated Lechuza Caracas by 8-7 in OT, while Brunei defeated Ayala Polo Team by 12-10.


With these results, both teams added 2 points, due to the correspondent victories, and will have to fight for the last spot on the semifinals at 11 on Los Pinos. Dubai, Brunei, and Lechuza Caracas await their contender on this stage. 


The last day of the qualifiers defined a lot, not only the fourth qualified team, but also the positions to establish the semifinals’ matches. That really showed in the matches, that were very rowdy and filled with tension. 


Match progression: 

Dos Lunas: 0-0/ 2-2/ 5-2/ 5-3/ 6-5/ 7-7/ 8-7


Brunei: 1-3/ 4-6/ 7-6/ 10-8/ 11-10/ 12-10


Pascual Sainz de Vicuña (Dos Lunas A&G Banca Privada)


“We knew that this was our last chance that we had and we were lucky to make the best out of it. We had improved the way we functioned throughout the Gold Cup, and even though the results were not too satisfactory, we knew that our improvement compared to the Silver Cup was notorious.  Besides, during the Silver Cup it was more complicated due to the competition system, when it came to facing the powerful organizations… even Dubai with three won matches didn’t qualify due to the shootout, so our plan, was to play the Silver Cup without much pressure and face the Gold Cup in full throttle, because winning two games or one, you could get on the semifinals or go to penalty shootouts, like now. We almost made it both with Dubai and Ayala, we lost both on the last minutes, and now tomorrow with the penalties we will have a chance, I believe that we have made a good campaign on the Gold Cup, and to qualify for semis would be amazing for us. 


I believe that Dos Lunas is a team that gives its very best, we have it on our DNA and on our game’s. The majority of the horses that we are playing with are property of the club, so three players (Lucas James, Hugo Lewis and myself) we all play with Dos Lunas horses, and I believe that is quite special, particularly if you compare this with the organizations that we are competing against. Qualifying for semis would then be a treat for the great job everyone is doing at Dos Lunas”


Medium goal – Aerolíneas Argentinas Gold Cup


Tomorrow, on the Los Pinos fields, the semifinals of the Aerolineas Argentinas Gold Cup will be played. 


GSA will take on Brunei at 17 on Field 1, and later on Golden Goose Deluxe Brand will meet Seven Sevens on Field 2.


The subsidiary semifinals will also be played, but on the Rio fields: Sainte Mesme vs. Twenty/20 and Royal Salute vs. Santa Quitería.