A new year brings with it some new team line-ups for the High Goal

A new year brings with it some newteam line-ups for the High Goal

By Victoria Elsbury-Legg

As a new year approaches, so too does the imminent start of a new high goal polo season in the United States, where the final preparations are being made to ponies and players will soon be gathering pitch-side to pull on their boots and raise their sticks skyward.

In England several names have already been announced for the 2015 high goal season, including some of the young English players who will feature in the line-ups, including Tom Brodie who will be joining the ranks of Dubai, Jack Hyde who will be sporting the ‘Z’ of Zacara, and Ollie Cudmore who will form one quarter of El-Remanso.

Following the recent handicap changes in Argentina, announcements have also been made about those playing in the 2015 high goal. With La Dolfina, Ellerstina, La Aguada, Alegría and Chapaleufú straight into next season’s Triple Crown, teams have already named their players. Joining the man named as ‘Argentina’s Best Sportsman 2014’ in La Dolfina will be the same team mates as in the previous season (Pelon, Pablo and Juan Martin) which will also ensure they retain their 40 goal status. In Ellerstina it is no secret that the new 10 goaler in the Pieres dynasty will play alongside the three others with the same surname, creating a 39 goal Ellerstina team.

The names (and 36 goals) on the scoreboard will remain the same in La Aguada in the upcoming season. Whilst, with one of their team swapping pink shirts for black and white in 2015, Alegría welcomes Cristian Laprida onto their side, maintaining a combine handicap of 35 goals. The handicap changes, with the added 3 goals given to Alberto, Eduardo and Ignacio respectively brought great news for Chapaleufú, because their now 34 goal team goes straight into the tournament without having to play to qualify.

With some great polo already lined up to be played out on pitches around the World in 2015, all that remains is to wish all involved (players, grooms, ponies, team managers, trainers, vets, farriers, clubs, photographers, journalists and spectators – and anyone inadvertently missed off this list) a happy and successful new year and polo season.

2015 TripleCrown confirmed team line-ups

La Dolfina

Adolfo Cambiaso 10

David Stirling 10

Pablo MacDonough 10

Juan Martín Nero 10

Total: 40


Pablo Pieres 10

Facundo Pieres 10

Gonzalo Pieres 10

Nicolás Pieres 9

Total: 39

La Aguada

Facundo Sola 8

Guillermo Caset 9

Miguel Novillo Astrada 10

Ignacio Novillo Astrada 9

Total: 36


Cristian Laprida 8

Hilario Ulloa 9

Lucas Monteverde 9

Frederick Mannix 9

Total: 35


Alberto Heguy 8

Ignacio Heguy 9

Bautista Heguy 8

Eduardo Heguy 9

Total: 34