AAP announces handicap changes for 2013

The Argentine Polo Association announced the handicap changes on the 18th of December. Mariano Aguerre went back to 10 goals and David Stirling was dropped to 9 goals. That means for 2013 both Ellerstina and La Dolfina will be 39 goals. 319 players were handicapped. 248 went up and 71 went down. Alejandro Muzzio and  Facundo Sola went from 7 to 8. Juan Ruiz Guinazu (Jr), Francisco Elizalde and Alfredo Cappella went from 6 to 7.

Francisco Bensadón, Augustine Merlos and Javier Novillo Astrada Merlos were lowered from 9 to 8. Santiago Chavanne, Lucas Criado, Julio Novillo Astrada (Jr) and Luke Tomlinson went from 8-7.

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