Argentine Amateur Championship

Winners, Esmowing - © Matias Callejo

Esmowing win the V Argentine Amateur Championship at La Aguada Polo Club

Esmowing beat Libres del Sur by a narrow 10,5 – 9,  and claimed the  V Argentine Amateur Championship, presented by Río Uruguay Seguros, the opening tournament of the 2019 Autumn Season at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door, Argentina. The final was held at the Novillo Astrada family’s club, and Esmowing received 0,5 goal on handicap.

The event was held under the brand new amateur handicaps, rencently established by the Argentine Polo Association. Therefore, the tournament featured teams up to 24 goals. 

These have been the results of the last day of the competition:

Ona Polo Cup

La Aguada 9 vs La Cautiva 6

New Balance Cup

Miralejos 7,5 vs La Malterina SBG 6

Logi Polo Cup

RSK Polo 7 vs Las Betulas 5

V Argentine Amateur Championship

Esmowing 10,5 vs Libres del Sur 9

Score Esmowing (received 0,5 goal on handicap): 2,5-3; 4,5-4; 6,5-7; 7,5-9; 10,5-9

MVP: Ignacio Uranga

Fair Play Award: Marcelo Young

Following the awards presentation, players, sponsors and guests enjoyed an exquisite asado, on a fabulous sunny Autumn Sunday, a great day with several activities for kids and families; the true spirit and the values of the Amateur Tournament – to encourage family, friends and the good times of the third time, in a relaxed and fun entourage.

We are very grateful to all the players and teams who participated; to our sponsors –  KIA, Río Uruguay Seguros, New Balance, Ona Polo, Logi Polo, Falcon Polo, Finca La Chamiza, Stella Artois, Equidiet – for the constant support; and to all our friends who came to La Aguada to spend a great time. Thank you to all, you are always very welcome! 


  • League A

Libres del Sur: Emiliano Nespola 5, Ezequiel Nervi 6, Christian Condomi Alcorta 7, Eduardo Novillo Astrada 6. Total: 24

Las Bétulas: Diego Harriague 5, Diego Steverlynck 5, Javier Uranga 8, Tomás Allende 5. Total: 23

La Cautiva: Tomás Gilligan 5, Federico Benítez Cruz 5, Christian Cavanagh 7, Matías Iribarren 5. Total: 22

Miralejos: Ernesto F. Urien 4, Emiliano J. Urien 5, Thomas Urien 6, José Arnal 5. Total: 20

  • League B

Esmowing: Nicolás Pisarenko 6, Miguel Vigano 6, Ignacio Uranga 6, Marcelo Young 5. Total: 23

RSK Polo Team: Jerónimo Bosch 5, Esteban Llavallol 5, Francisco Moretti 5, Christian von Rennekampf 8. Total: 23

La Aguada: Alejandro Savage 5, Mariano Bosch 5, Diego Bosch 5, Maximiliano Pistone 7. Total: 22

La Malterina SBG: Roberto Boero Mansilla 5, Juan Saffratti 4, Federico Pieres 6, Alejandro Amadeo y Videla 6. Total: 21


Saturday March 30

Las Betulas 11 vs La Cautiva 4,5 

Esmowing 14 vs La Malterina SBG 6,5

Libres del Sur 11 vs Miralejos 7

RSK Polo Team 10 vs La Aguada 8

Sunday March 31

Libres del Sur 10 vs La Cautiva 3,5

Las Betulas 11 vs Miralejos 6,5

Esmowing 10,5 vs La Aguada 5

RSK Polo 12 vs La Malterina SBG 8,5

Saturday April 6 

Miralejos 6,5 vs La Cautiva 3

Libres del Sur 10 vs Las Betulas 8,5 

Esmowing 10,5 vs RSK Polo 8

La Materina SBG 7,5 vs La Aguada 7

Sunday April 7 – FINALS

  • Ona Polo Cup

La Aguada 9 vs La Cautiva 6

  • New Balance Cup

Miralejos 7,5 vs La Malterina SBG 6

  • Logi Polo Cup

RSK Polo 7 vs Las Betulas 5

  • V Argentine Ammateur Championship

Esmowing 10,5 vs Libres del Sur 9

© Matias Callejo