Belmond El Encanto Robert Skene Trophy

Lucchese takes home the Belmond El Encanto Robert Skene Trophy in a down-to-the-wire final 


 “Gypsy” owned by Jeff Hall turned the game around for Lucchese after trailing in the sixth chukker to opponent RH. Hall cantered onto the field with confidence to begin the final seven minutes of regulation play and quickly found the ball at the end of his mallet. Blowing by his defenders, Hall scored three consecutive goals to win the Robert Skene Trophy final. 


With players just arriving from the English season, Restoration Hardware (RH) elected to stick with their team of substitutes for the duration of the tournament. Felipe Vercellino (6) Santi Wulff (5) stepped in for Iñaki Laprida (7) and Santi von Wernich (5) at the onset of the tournament and quickly fell in sync with each other alongside teammates Geronimo Obregon (4) and Ben Soleimani (A). Luke Klentner (A) played for John Muse on the Lucchese team. 


In a fantastic display of horse power and young talent, the 2018 Robert Skene Trophy final was competitive until the final bell chimed. RH began with a handicap goal, but a quick whistle put Lucchese on the board within a minute. Two goals by Hall and a goal each by Geronimo Obregon and Vercellino left the score tied after the first chukker of play. “Playing against my brother is always a challenge, but it also makes it more fun,” said older brother Facundo Obregon. 


Fouls riddled the beginning of the second period, giving Facundo Obregon the opportunity to put Lucchese in the lead by one, 6-5, from the penalty line. The momentum swung back in favor of RH with young players Geronimo Obregon and Vercellino playing off each other’s fiery determination. With Wulff at the back feeding passes to his runners, RH pulled ahead in the third chukker 8-6. 


A balanced fifth chukker saw two goals scored by each side. Carlos “Toly” Ulloa threaded through the pack of players, slicing the ball in to tie the score at 11 goals each. A final penalty goal by RH pushed them in the lead 12-11. 


MVP Jeff Hall dominated the final chukker on his Best Playing Pony “Gypsy.” Ulloa played a tight man defense, breaking open the field for Hall to walk the ball through the uprights for Lucchese’s 14th goal of the game. RH did not relent, scoring once more before the clock ticked down ending with a final score 14-13. Hall previously spoke on his strategy for the 2018 season in Santa Barbara, aiming to use a higher rated second player. After playing the 20 Goal with Facundo Obregon, the two players began the season a step ahead. Their third man, “Toly” Ulloa, easily slid into their system and is proving to be both talented with the ball and disciplined in taking a man. “The game was very close today. RH had a few goals on us in the middle chukkers, but we were able to get organized in the sixth chukker. Jeff scored three of the goals from the field to put us ahead, but Geronimo almost got us on his last run!” said brother Facundo chuckling. 


Robert Skene Trophy Final 

Chukker 1: 3-3

Chukker 2: 5-6 Lucchese

Chukker 3: 8-6 RH 

Chukker 4: 10-9 RH 

Chukker 5 12-11 RH 

Chukker 6: 14-13 Lucchese 


Robert Skene Trophy Rosters


Klentner Ranch

Jesse Bray                    6

Mariano Obregon         6

Remy Muller                    3

Justin Klentner                1



Farmers and Merchant Bank  

Danny Walker                  2

Lucas Criado                   8

Marcos Bignoli                 4

Nachi Viana                    2



Carlos Ulloa                     3

Facundo Obregon            6

Jeff Hall                            7

John Muse                          A

*Luke Klentner A



Restoration Hardware 

Ben Soleimani                    A

Santi Von Wernich             5

Iñaki Laprida                      7

Geronimo Obregon            4

*Santi Wulff 5

*Felipe Vercellino 6



Sol de Agosto 

Francisco de Narvaez          1

Paco de Narvaez                  7

Adam Snow                         5

Nico Escobar                       3