BMW – B. Grimm Thai Polo Open 2012 – final

BMW – B. Grimm Thai Polo Open Tournament – Final

Asad Jumabhouy and the La Sarita-Jogo polo team are big winners on many fronts in the 2012 Thai Polo Open Tournament.

In a heart breaking and an extremely well fought match between two great teams the Thai Polo team was knocked out of the winners circle by half a goal with a final score of 8 ½ to 8.  It was a most exciting ending with Thai Polo closing a 3½ goal gap in the last chukkar only to leave a half a goal on the score board when the final bell rang announcing the end of the 2012 Thai Open and the La Sarita-Jogo polo team as the reigning champions.


The third place honors went to the team from Malaysia, the Royal Pahang Polo Team with a score of 8 to 6 over Troika who finish the tournament in 4th place.

Rounding out the placing’s for the 2012 Thai Open was 5th place going to Ranhill, 6th place to GTM, 7th place to Macau, 8th to Axus, and BDRB-IBIL rounding out the placing of the teams.

The 2012 Thai Open proved to be an amazingly enjoyable and successful event if satisfactory outcome is the criterion used to judge the event by.  We at Thai Polo thank each of you for helping us to make it so; we eagerly look forward to hosting you and the Thai Open in 2013.