Born in the USA

Born in the USA!

By Alex Webbe


Although there has been scarce little in the news regarding an American team coming to England to compete for the Westchester Cup that was successfully defended by a British foursome in 2009, if and when the Yanks do arrive they might have some surprises in their lineup.

While discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the Argentine Open teams with 24-year-old Paulito Pieres it was revealed that the talented young 8-goaler was born in Greenwich, Connecticut and carries a US Passport.

My response upon hearing the news was that he could then be eligible to represent the United States and play on an American team.  The young polo player smiled and professed that he would love to have the opportunity to play for a USA team.

Fair, unfair?  Who’s to decide?  It must be remembered, however, that the English team that took to the field in Wellington in 2009 were led by Eduardo Novillo Astrada, British born but Argentine bred and a member of the revered Astrada clan.

Will Paul Pieres take the field with the Americans?  It’s hard to say, but I doubt there will be any serious talk until a British patron steps up to the plate to offer the American players suitable mounts, as Mark and Melissa Ganzi did for the English team in 2009.

In the meanwhile, I’m just going to continue talking to young Argentine players whose fathers were active professionals in the United States twenty-some years ago.  Who knows who else I might come across?  Where was Cambiaso born?