British Sweeten up their Westchester Cup Chances with a Little Sugar

By Alex Webbe

“I’m honored to have been asked,” said 7-goaler Sugar Erskine of Hurlingham Polo Association’s invitation to serve as an alternate on the British team in the upcoming and historic Westchester Cup match on February 21 at the International Polo Club.

“I’d certainly rather be on the field competing against the US team, but I realize that it is a privilege to be asked.

Erskine might be the secret weapon the British might not know they have.  He’s based in the United States, is well-mounted, and his abilities might be in early season form but he managed to score eight goals in leading his Isla Carroll team to an opening win in the 20-goal, 2009 Joe Barry Memorial Cup.

“There is going to be a lot of talent on the field for that game,” added Erskine, “and I’d love to get an opportunity to be an active part of it,” said the South African native.  “I imagine being a part of the Commonwealth has its benefits in the polo world after all.”

Erskine credentials boast wins in, among other tournaments, the US Open Championship, the Pacific Coast Open and the Monty Waterbury Cup. 

A flashy and aggressive player on the field, Sugar is always a crowd favourite, but his sense of the ball and intuitive team play make him an important ingredient to any team.