Careyes Polo Season opens with Thanksgiving Event


Careyes Polo Season opens with Thanksgiving Event


Careyes is located on the Pacific Ocean south of the famous beachside resort of Puerto Vallarta.    This year the magical resort of Careyes is celebrating 50 years of existence, 40 years Giorgio Brignone living and supporting his father, Gian Franco, the founder, 30 years of the polo fields, 20 years of the famous Agua Alta polo tournament created by Alberto Ardissone – always the week before Easter –  and 10 years of polo management by Susan Stovall.  Definitely the 2018-2019 will be special.


Four teams gathered for the opening weekend  – November  20 thorough 24 – with players from California, the Magness family of Cable – 14 years old –  and Gary,  Chris Falk and his son, Josh -14 – and daughter, Sidney – 17 – Chad Morgan from Rancho Santa Fe,  first time visitor from the Dominican, Dennis Santana,  Tommy Elliot , 3 goals, now on the staff at Careyes, Oscar Garibaye with his children, Mateo, 7, Emilia 10, Paula 12, and the locals that have played at Careyes for many years.  The ages of the players was from 7 to 74 – fun for all. Special guests for the holidays were  renown polo instructor and coach – Rege Ludwig and his wife, Janet and daughter, Kirsten, who is the polo instructor at the Los Angeles Polo Club and Rebecca Baldridge, special events writer for Equestrian Living.


After two days of practice as many of the visitors were on club ponies, players were divided into teams of 3 – 4 goal teams and one 3 goal.  Mangorace was the team to beat with 2 professionals on their roster . Nico Millan and Santana.  Garibaye (La Constancia team) – 4 goals – played with his kids splitting a positon, Hans Jimmy Giebeler and Daniel Arrellano.  Cabinet Connection  –  the Falk clan with Raul Ramirez, and Elliot (Careyes team) with local players Mane Yerena, Manuel Rios and Chad Morgan, his first tournament in 8 years.

Mangorace beat the local Careyes team and the La Constancia team took the Cabinet Connection team by one goal.  Players were ready for the finals – especially the young players as this was their first finals.  La Constancia was on the board first with Garibaye hitting it out of the line and Giebeler putting it through.  Millan did the same for Mangorace and tied the game within seconds.  From there on the Mangorace team dominated and at halftime the score was 4-2 – Scores by Santana and both Magness.  La Constancia regrouped with Arellano playing an outstanding offensive game putting the scoring within reach but Mangorace prevailed 7 to 5 at the end of the 4 chukker game.  As tradition Tequila was served to all players and trophies presented to the teams. 


Costa Careyes Polo club is open from November through April with 2 mature polo fields and 30 head of polo ponies for lease.  The next tournament is the Copa de Careyes played over the holidays.  Please contact for information.