Chantilly Polo Club

Spring Triple Crown at the Chantilly Polo Club


The “Martincito” Show


Martincito is the “little Martin” in Argentina, son of Martin Aguerre and nephew of Mariano Aguerre, 12 times winner of the Argentinne Open. Martincito Aguerre, h7, is worthy of his name. A polo player with a superb swing, delicacy, calm with a beautiful riding style. Not to mention the team of horses whose strong elements come directly from his Uncle Mariano, the famous breeder to the affix Machito. And it was Martin Aguerre Jr who made the difference yesterday in the first final of the trilogy of the 12 goal Spring Triple Crown at the Chantilly Polo Club. He led his German team Asmara to the victory of the PGH Cup by dominating the Parisians of Le Pommeray (10 to 5). And of course, the best mare of the final is a product of the breeding of the “Tio”, named Machito Vida: “I already have two horses bred by my uncle here and a third should arrive from Argentina this season“. This promises a good season to come and it’s worth the detour (and even the trip) to see Martincito play in Chantilly with these exceptional horses. We are lucky, the season of the 12 goals continues next weekend by the kick-off of the Trophy Bourbon with even more teams!


Mens Sana… in corpore sano 


The French players can not enjoy, as the Argentineo dp, of a “strong” breeding expertise of polo ponies. To solve this there are two solutions: to import horses (but it is expensive and may be random) or to breed and train it yourself. This is the option chosen by France n°1 Brieuc Rigaux who, after having selected thoroughbreds in the racing stables – buying them directly from Deauville and elsewhere – and patiently training them during three years with his Argentine petisero, Luciano Martinez, play them in encounters. Mens Sana, best mare of the second final of the day, the Trophée du Bois Lieutenant (4/6 goals), a daughter of Fairly Ransom, born in 2011 and came to the French champion stables in 2014. Mens Sana (healthy mind for those non-Latinists) is naturally endowed with a corpore sano (healthy body), and was named best mare of the final (in its first season!) … and contributed to the victory of her rider and his team, French Kiss, in this second final of the day against Jivaro (10-3).


Next weekend, three tournaments will begin at the same time. Beside the Trophée Bourbon, teams of 8 goals will compete for the Trophée de Champlâtreux and teams of 4 goals will compete in the Polo Black Cup. An exciting time for the Chantilly Polo Club meaning there is no time to get bored !