Colorado Open

Valiente retains title, wins Colorado Open final final


The final of the 2018 Colorado Open saw Valiente remain undefeated to defeat Scone 9-7 and capture the tournament title for the second year in a row. Led by the slick combo of Adolfo and Poroto Cambiaso, who scored four and three goals respectively in the game, Valiente held the lead after each chukka in a controlled victory. 


Valiente used a consistent passing attack throughout the game with Poroto Cambiaso and Bob Jornayvaz extending downfield to be active receivers and push the ball downfield to help Valiente win the field advantage. Scone countered with their back line of Guillermo Terrera and Agustin Nero, who worked together throughout the game. Augusto Romero was a standout player, producing his best game of the tournament with three goals. Ultimately, Scone couldn’t slow the Valiente offense that shot an effective 8-for-14 from the field. 


Early in the game Adolfo Cambiaso demonstrated his 10-goal status, scoring two goals in the opening chukka, including a goal from 70 yards out to give Valiente the 2-1 lead. Scone got off to a slower start. They converted one of their first five shot attempts but couldn’t find the score sheet in the second chukka as Valiente extended their lead to two. 


The game changed in the fourth chukka when Valiente outscored Scone 2-0 with a goal each from Poroto Cambiaso and Santi Torres, in large part due to the accurate passing from Adolfo Cambiaso to ignite the attack. Terrera was kept back in the game to protect defensively, as Valiente consistently held the Scone attack in check to manage their lead. Adolfo Cambiaso put his final stamp on the game with a goal in the sixth chukka to seal Valiente’s victory.


MVP: Poroto Cambiaso

BPP: Dolfina El Festival, owned and played by Adolfo Cambiaso


Key Stats

  • Valiente shoots 8/14 from the field, Scone shoots 6/14
  • Adolfo and Poroto Cambiaso combine for seven goals 
  • Augusto Romero leads Scone with three goals

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