Coronation Cup – England Wins

On Saturday 23rd July, after a hard fought match against Uruguay, England once again claimed the iconic Coronation Cup. The exciting 6 chukka polo match, Captained by James Harper for England, ended in a final score of 11-9 securing the win for England.

The Coronation Cup dates back to 1911 and returned to Guards Polo Club in Windsor Great Park this weekend for the first time in 5 years. Uruguay were playing for the trophy for the first time.

The England team featured two players following in their father’s footsteps: Louis Hine, who at just 16 years old is believed to be the youngest player to ever compete in the Coronation Cup and whose father Andrew captained England many times, and Tommy Beresford whose father Charles was also a regular for the England team. Louis competed fresh from Gold Cup victory.

The day was a true celebration of the sport with polo across the age ranges being showcased, from the youngest Pony Club Polo players on their multi-purpose ponies (known as Fluffies), through the best of British youth players in the Colts Cup (U-17) and Stagshead Trophy (U-14) Finals and culminating with a University match. The Household Cavalry and Tidworth Military Band added to the sense of occasion as the spectators rallied to support the teams, including a passionate Uruguayan crowd.

The teams were:

England: Tomas Beresford (7), James Harper (7), James Beim (6), Louis Hine (4)
Uruguay: Jejo Taranco (8), Santiago Stirling (5), Ignacio Viana (4), Juan Enrique Curubelo (6)

MPV: Tomas Beresford