Coupe d’Or Deauville

The Exceptional Facundo


It was more complicated than one would have thought, but in the end Royal Barrière brought the Coupe d’Or 2009 (Gold Cup) home with a difference of just one single goal in the final match against Talandracas (Edouard Carmignac). This beautiful game was the highlight of a month of great Polo in Deauville.


Many people had thought a victory of André Fabre’s team to be a certainty, knowing that Facundo Pieres – considered by many to be the world’s best player at the moment – would be on the team. With the support of the strong Pancho Bensadon, Facundo took the course of the match into his own hands, setting a goal difference that could have been considered insurmountable from the second chukker on. But whoever had thought Talandracas defeated at that point had not taken into account the fierceness of their Monteverde-Terrera couple who caught up gradually and brought them back into the game in the fifth period. Monteverde was even able to level the score in the sixth period.


Facundo Pieres’ penalty goal lead to his team’s victory. After being proclaimed MVP, he said: “This victory in the Gold Cup is important to me: It’s a Cup that my father won, as well as my brother Gonzalo three years ago. Therefore it was my turn this time, and I will be sure to come back here to continue this winning tradition.” It is certainly true that since 1st of August, this young Argentinean prodigy has not lost a single match on Deauville’s playing fields. On Monday Facundo will be on his way back to Argentina in order to prepare the upcoming, most important season: The Triple Crown’s kick-off will be on September 22nd. Such is the life of a high-level Polo player and it is always a delight when their path leads them through Deauville.


Royal Barrière : Robert McKenzie (h2),  Francisco Bensadon (h8, 5 goals), Facundo Pieres (h10, 5 goals of which 1 penalty) et André Fabre (h0)

Talandracas : Édouard Carmignac (h0), Guillermo Terrera (h7, 5 goals), Lucas Monteverde (h8, 2 goals dont une pénalité), Juan Chavane (h5, 2 goals)

Royal Barrière : 3/1 – 6/1 – 6/3 – 8/5 – 9/8 et 10/9