Deauville Gold Cup 2010

Following 2002 and 2004, Talandracas wins a third Gold Cup

Dozulé Talandracas victorious at Polo de Deauville’s Lucien Barrière Gold Cup

“We were able to improve our interaction within the team and our horses were less tired. That made the difference,” explains Lucas Monteverde, after a final score of 9 to 5. After a long European season, the Argentinean player is now in a hurry to return to home soil. Today he departs for Buenos Aires where he will play the Jockey Club Open, the prelude to the Triple Crown where his team, La Dolfina, will try to defend its title of Argentinean Champion.

The young and talented French team at Polo de Deauville, lead by Alexandre Sztarkman, was unable to pull through with what would have been a miraculous victory. After a solid first period, the team was gradually overpowered by Talandracas. Defeated yet not discouraged, the team will once again try its luck in the France Open at Chantilly starting this week. Ten teams are attending this last major tournament of the international French season.

Talandracas (Edouard Carmignac/FRA, h0 ; Guillermo Terrera/ARG, h7 ; Matias Benoit/ARG, h5 and Lucas Monteverde/ARG, h8)
Polo de Deauville (Alexandre Sztarkman/FRA, h1 ; Diego Cavanagh/ARG, h6 ; Dario Musso/ARG, h7 and Valentin Novillo Astrada/ARG, h5)

Progression, Talandracas : 1/2 – 3/4 – 5/4 – 7/4 – 8/4 et 9/5
Best player of the final: Guillermo Terrera (Talandracas)