Dubai Gold Cup 2024

Thrilling Victory: Habtoor Polo Team Seals the Gold Cup


In the Bentley Cup Semi Final, AIX Mahra faced off against Ghantoot Polo Team. The match kicked off with a strong start from Ghantoot Polo Team, but AIX Mahra fought back fiercely, scoring an impressive 4 points in the third chukker. Despite their efforts, Ghantoot Polo Team secured victory in the final chukker with a back-to-back scoring spree, clinching the 2nd runner-up position. The Bentley Cup showcased intense polo action, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Match Progression: AIX Mahra vs Ghantoot Polo Team
1-3 | 2-5 | 6-7 | 8-9 | 8-11

Top Scorer:
Teodoro Lacau

The Gold Cup finals kicked off with Dubai Wolves by CAFU securing the initial goal, but Juan Juaretche of Habtoor Polo swiftly responded, advancing their scores in the first chukkers. The chukkers witnessed unpredictable victories, with both teams scoring consecutively. Showcasing remarkable teamwork, Habtoor Polo’s Benjamin Panelo and Santiago Laborde fought back with resilience after each score. In a captivating turn of events, Dubai Wolves by CAFU leveled the score with Habtoor Polo just 10 seconds on the final chukker, leading to a golden chukker to determine the ultimate winner. The game concluded with Habtoor Polo scoring the decisive goal, clinching the title of ultimate winners of the Gold Cup 2024, leaving the crowd in awe of their exceptional performance.

Match Progression: Habtoor Polo vs Dubai Wolves by CAFU
2-1 | 4-3 | 5-5 | 9-7 | 10 – 10 | 11 – 10

Top Scorer:
Juan Juaretche

Joseph Tayar, General Manager of Bentley and Mr. Saeed Bin Drai, Vice Chairman of the UAE Polo Federation honored and presented the awards to the teams of the day.