Fifth Edition of the Julio Novillo Astrada International Cup



The V Edition of the Julio Novillo Astrada International Cup, will be held on November 17, 19, 24 and 26 at La Aguada Polo Club. A total of ten teams between 18 and 20 goals, which all will include the Novillo Astrada brothers, ranked among the world´s best players, will be playing the tournament, which was born in 2004 as a tribute to the founder of polo in Open Door, Mr. Julio Novillo Astrada.


The tournament will be played during the Argentine Open, at Palermo. The Novillo Astrada brothers and their father, Taio, will greet at La Aguada Polo Club patrons and professional players both from Argentina and overseas, in a competitive and friendly atmosphere, as usual at the Novillo Astrada´s. On November 26, after the final match, players, media, sponsors and special guests will be invited to an exquisite Argentine asado and a great party at one of the world´s premier polo clubs.


About La Aguada Polo Club


La Aguada Polo Club was born in 1959, in Córdoba, as an initiative of Julio “Yayo” Novillo Astrada, a fan of both polo and polo breeding.


Early in the 70’s he bought some fields. Today, La Aguada is a Polo Clinic and Resort of about 300 hectares, with 250 horses in training, 5 polo fields and 2 tacking fields.  


The Polo Clinic offers the best practices for guests who are either starting playing polo or improving their skills.


In La Rosada, the main house, guests find the ideal atmosphere to enjoy a real farm life experience.


It´s here where La Aguada Polo Team train and take care of their horses, ane where  the annual tournaments, such as the Julio Novillo Astrada Cup, take place. Those who visit them, will enjoy the warmth of the Novillo Astrada family, as true friends.