Former NBA Referee Bob Delaney Will Advise USPA Umpires

Former NBA Referee Bob Delaney Will Advise USPA Umpires

Leadership Consultant will assist in umpire development

The United States Polo Association (USPA), the national governing body for the sport of polo, has appointed former NBA referee Bob Delaney as an advisor to the USPA Umpires, LLC.


Delaney was a prominent NBA official for 25 years and rose through the ranks to become one of their highest-rated crew chiefs. He will assist in umpire development, concentrating on leadership, communication and professionalism. He will report directly to Charlie Muldoon, USPA Umpires, LLC Executive Director.


“We’re looking to follow other sports industries’ high standards through our work with Bob Delaney,” said Peter Rizzo, CEO of the U.S. Polo Association.  “We look forward to his insight and wealth of intelligence from years with the NBA. He will be a great asset in building unity in the (USPA) Umpires, LLC and ultimately improve officiating the game at all levels of polo.”


Muldoon believes the hiring of Delaney is a key step forward in improving polo umpires.


“We all know good umpiring helps polo,” said Muldoon, a former 6-goaler who has won numerous major tournaments in the U.S. “All players want is good, consistent umpiring. We’re just trying to get there.”


In addition to his referee and crew chief duties in the NBA, Delaney has a background in training and mentoring officials. A former undercover cop before joining the NBA, Delaney has received the prestigious Gold Whistle Award from the National Association of Sports Officials and presented the first-ever leadership training for the NBA referee staff. Over the past three years, he’s worked as a NBA Referee Development Advisor, Crew Chief Development Advisor and led the Referee Leadership Program.


Delaney has already worked with the polo officials during the highly competitive winter season in Wellington, Florida, watching video of their work in weekly meetings and making suggestions. He has been impressed with their dedication and commitment. 


“I have found polo umpires to be similar to other sports officials, they want to be the best Umpires they can be in order to serve their sport,” said Delaney. “I find this with sports officials across the board. They have tremendous work ethic and are their own most severe critics with the purpose of improving their profession.”


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