French Open – 14/9/10

More captivating than ever!


The Castel Polo Cup, French Open of Polo, turns out to be more captivating than ever. Anything could still happen in the first group that is dominated by the HB Polo Team from Deauville, while Sainte-Mesme (Paris) and In The Wings (Chantilly) from the other group slowly but certainly proceed towards the semi-final.


On Sunday, HB Polo Team once again showed a wonderful performance against Aries at the Chantilly Polo Club, on this second weekend of the Castel Cup French Open. Flawless polo, spectacular actions and a real team spirit in particular lead to a final result of 9 to 5.


In the preceding match, Polo de Deauville had permanently dominated Marquard Media (Switzerland) with its handicap 8, Marcos di Paola, which resulted in a 9 to 6 in favour of the French team. Nevertheless they will have to wait for the result of today’s match (Tuesday) between HB and Tres Marias. The team from Chantilly, with its two Brazilian players, needs but a small victory with a tiny goal difference in order to proceed to the semi-final.


While things are still unsettled between those teams, In The Wings and Sainte-Mesme from the other group seem serene. The games scheduled for today should confirm their qualification for the semi-finals of Friday.


The young French player Robert Strom effectively demonstrated his qualities during the victorious matches of his team Sainte-Mesme on Friday and Saturday, assuring their qualification… After that he headed off to Austria on Sunday to contribute to the French team’s victory over the Spanish in the European Championship. This is a great accomplishment, eight years after the first French victory in this competition! French polo is doing well!


There will be polo games every day in Apremont, until the final of the French Open: A pleasurable event that can be attended for free, unless you want to augment the polo experience in reserving a picnic spot close to the playing field.