Gallops of Morocco



GALLOPS OF MOROCCO 29th October – 5th November 2017

Six days of equestrian adventure In the mythical Moroccan Sahara

We remember the global success of the Gallops of Oman in 2014: an unforgettable equestrian race crossing the magical desert of Oman. The organising team returns this year with a new project: a similar race which will take place this time through the golden dunes of the Moroccan desert.

In February 2014, the first edition of the Gallops took place in the Sultanate of Oman in the fascinating desert of Wahiba Sands. 110 riders representing ten different nations, divided into 22 teams of 5 people, these riders all crossed the desert in a unique way. It was a regularity race whose goal was to complete each of the five stages of 30 to 40 kilometres in a time allowed with intermediate veterinary controls. The 150 horses selected to participate in this race were all Arab thoroughbreds. A fabulous event, sponsored by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, which marked all participants, competitors and organisers. A race, which was above all a wonderful human adventure made up of encounters, emotions, adventures and festivals such as this unforgettable white night with the Sea of Oman on the horizon.





In 2017, it is a similar challenge that Bady Kebir, Benoît Perrier and their team offer in a place as spectacular as the dunes of Merzouga.

The starting point of the adventure will be in Arfoud, in the east of Morocco in the Drâa-Tafilalet region for a 200 km loop through the high golden sand dunes of Merzouga, which mark the beginning of the Sahara desert. The race will last six days – five nights in bivouac – through lunar and desert landscapes, whose magic has been immortalised on the big screen in many Hollywood productions, including the famous Hidalgo, Sahara, The Mummy, The Last Flight or even Queen of the desert … An adventure under the sign of cinema.

Teams from the Sultanate of Oman (winner in 2014), Morocco, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, and Qatar have already declared their intention to participate in this second edition of the Gallops. To get involved, you do not need to be a great endurance specialist, you just have to master the three paces with a good dose of courage and a minimum of physical preparation.

Non-riders will be welcome with a suitable tourist program, the 5 * bivouac and the delicious Moroccan cuisine that will allow the participants to relax with sometimes an unexpected party in the middle of the desert.

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So, come along to the desert of Merzouga from the 29th October – 5th November 2017 !