Gay Polo League Documentary Fundraising Under Way

Gay Polo League Documentary Fundraising Under Way

Unity Pictures, a non-profit media development company that develops compelling and insightful documentary films about unique, diverse American communities, is kicking off a fundraising drive for its documentary on the Gay Polo League.

The Gay Polo League, founded in 2007 in Los Angeles, has been a catalyst for diversity in the sport of polo, the world’s oldest team sport, on the national and international scene.

Since its start, the GPL has grown throughout the United States with four major clubs including Wellington, Fla., the polo capital of the world and home of the GPL’s annual International Tournament; Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

In addition to U.S. players, GPL members include players from several foreign countries including France, England, Argentina, South Africa, Canada and Australia.

Polo is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. because of its diversity and becoming more affordable and accessible. The GPL, women and junior players have helped the sport reach the masses.

According to Forbes Magazine: “Event producers, sponsors and advertisers are betting that polo, already a magnet for the super-rich, can attract a huge audience of average Joes. Polo is being cross-marketed to a cross-section of the global population.”

The GPL is a dedicated and fun-loving group comprised of members of all ages, abilities and professions.

“Along with entertaining audiences, my hope is that by creating this documentary we will reach a much wider audience, and encourage more LGBT athletes to play “out,” said GPL founder Chip McKenney.

“Growing up many of us never had the chance to play team sports,” McKenney said. “The GPL provides a safe place for horse people to enjoy the excitement of competition and camaraderie that comes with team sports.”

Organizers are hoping to raise $250,000 in “crowdfunding” from family and friends, people who are interested in polo, sports and horses, and people with those who are personally invested in supporting LGBT sports and playing “out.”

There are various levels of “Special Thanks” for those interested in funding the documentary with exposure in both the movie and beautiful companion coffee table book.

Additional benefits range from branded clothing and invitations to exclusive sponsor eventsLive to Title Card placement at the beginning of the movie as well as in the book’s masthead. Reduced rates on sponsorship of GPL eventsLive will also be available.

The Gay Polo League documentary will be distributed throughout the domestic United States and international channels, including, iTunes, Netflix and cable programming focused on sports and LGBT programming.

The film’s premiere is scheduled for the Boston LGBT Film Festival in May, 2014.