Hublot Gold Cup MVP selection–really?

Hublot Gold Cup MVPSelection!  Are you kidding me?

By Alex Webbe

Would someone please explain to me how Facundo Pieres canscore seventeen out of eighteen goals to lead the Ellerston team to the HublotGold Cup Championship in Spain this afternoon in overtime and not be named MostValuable Player?

Forget that the 10-goaler is currently ranked as the Number1 player in the game and that he played on the winning US Open team in Aprilbefore traveling to Europe where he ran the table winning the Queens Cup, theBritish Open, Spain’s Silver and Gold Cups—let’s just talk about Saturday’sgame In which he scores seventeen goals and was not named MVP.

Granted, Sebastian Merlos, the recipient of the MVP trophyplayed well in the finals.  He waseffective defensively and scored five goals on the day, but he scored twelve fewer goals than Facundo did and he played on the LOSING team!

Is it political correctness to give a bone to the losing team?  If so, then you might have considered offering the Best Playing Pony award, a category that is far more subjective, but don’t try to justify the awarding of the MVP trophy because he had a good game and then hope you don’t have to explain it to anyone.

For my money, Facundo Pieres was far and away the best player on the field.  Although he and Gonzalito attracted defenders like a porch light attracts moths, they managed to continually to put the pressure on the better-balanced UAE team with defensive efforts resulting in fouls that Facundo converted for goals.  Fully fifteen of his record-setting 17 goals came on penalty shots, including the winning shot in overtime, as the UAE defenders threw caution to the wind in efforts to stem the Ellerston attacks.

Sebastian Merlos, you played a heroic game.  Your horses were impressive, your efforts,even after injuring your riding muscle, were commendable, but there is no rational reasoning that could conclude that anyone but Facundo Pieres should have been name the Most Valuable Player.