I’m ready for my closeup Mr. Demille

Investment banker/producer Barry Minsky and producer Scott Mednick arrived in Santa Barbara today to do more than just watch the final games of the Pacific Coast Open. In a joint effort, the two will be doing reserach and gathering information in an effort to complete the late Howard Minsky’s final project, a movie that will feature the sport of kings.

Howard Minsky’s best known project was the 1970 classic Love Story, and the last project he was working on when he passed away in August of this year was a love story entwinedwith the rugged action of polo. It was Howard Minsky who gave a young aspiring actor named Tomy Lee Jones his first movie role in Love Story.

A resident of Palm Beach and a frequent spectator at area matches, Howard Minsky was working with producer Scott Mednick and screenwriter Natalie Peters on the script at the time of death.

“This is his last picture,” said son Barry Minsky of New York. “This is a movie we have to get for him.”

“Howard was the master of the love story,” offered Mednick, “and I have been a part of bringing to the screen some amazing action pictures. I think this will make for an exciting on-screen combination”.

Minsky and Mednick were seen in the company of George Dupont, the Director of the Museum of Polo and enjoying the view almost as much as the action on the field. Mednick was interested in meeting  a number of the players while Minsky was hoping to see Argentine 9 -goaler Gonzalito Pieres, whose brother, 10 goaler Facundo Pieres, he had watched in previous weeks at the Bridgehampton Polo in New York..

Scott Mednick was a co-founder of Legendary Pictures the studio that delivered Batman Begins and The Dark Night. Scott has worked on more than 100 major motion picturesand has executive produced such films as Superman Returns (Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth), 300 (Gerard Butler), We are Marshall (Matthew McConnaughey, Matthew Fox) and U2 3D starring the Irish rock stars U2.

“The combination of the horse and player are absolute poetry,” said Mednick. “There is a symbiotic relationship between the two that needs to be captured on film”.

Minsky and Mednick will be spending several days at the polo club and on the grounds, speaking with players and grooms, walking through the stables and sitting fieldside at practices.

“It’s a magnificent game, ” said Minsky, “the nobility of the horse, the heroics of the players, the interaction of the players on the field as they charge up and down the field. It really is something very special.”

The two took a special interest in the many team photos on the walls of the old clubhouse. Pictures of past team players from 1920s director Hal Roach and Fess Parker of TV’s Davy Crokett fame covered the walls of the post – World War II building. “There is a great tradition to the game,” said Mednick, “even out here in Calfornia,” he smiled.

Minsky and Mednick will be traveling to Buenos Aires in November where they will meet with various officials and attend matches as they combine to put the film together.

“We’re looking at getting it done within the year,” said Minsky. “We’re both very excited to get it up and running.”