Jack Hyde – a player profile

Jack Hyde – a player profile


By Victoria Elsbury-Legg


The 2015 season is set to be an exciting one for seventeen year old Jack Hyde.  Following a winter spent in Argentina with Eduardo Heguy, he’s currently representing his country as the youngest member of the England team, who have qualified through to the semis at the 10th FIP World Cup Championships in Chile at the Club de Polo y Equitacion San Cristobal in Santiago.  When he returns to England he will be gathering up his reins and joining Lyndon Lea and his Zacara team for the 2015 English high goal season. 


I caught up with him just before he headed to the airport for South America once again to find out more about life for the polo playing seventeen year old. 


You’ve now been picked to go to Chile – is this the first time you’ve played there?  

Yes this will be the first time I have played in Chile. I am looking forward to playing for England with my friends.


How many different countries have you played polo in?

I have played in four different countries, England, Argentina, Holland and South Africa, but hopefully in the next few years there will be a lot more to my list. 


Where in the world would you most like to play polo?

 I would love to play at Palermo.


What was your highlight of the 2014 English polo season?

Winning the 12 goal Victor Ludorum.


What did you get up to in the winter? 

I went to Argentina to Eduardo Heguy’s until December, then I went home for Christmas, then back to Argentina to La Pampa again with Eduardo Heguy – which was great fun.


Which is your favourite pony?

Cognac, she is a 15 year old thoroughbred mare from England. She is my favourite because she is consistently good, very fast, aggressive and a really nice horse to be around at the yard.


Which player’s style do you like the most – why?

Facundo Pieres, I think he has a fantastic attitude to his team mates and opponents, he has a great swing, his eye for the ball is ridiculous and he is an amazing horseman.


How did you start in polo?

My Dad is the main reason I got into polo, I started stick and balling with him at about 11 years old, then played pony club at about 12 years old, two years later I then played my first proper season of polo.


Did you get a lot of help from your family?  

Yes I’ve had huge support from my family throughout the few years I have been playing, my Dad has helped me the most above everyone else though, without him I definitely wouldn’t be playing. 


What are your polo plans for 2015?

I am very lucky to be playing with Zacara next season.


What do you do when you are not playing polo?

I like to spend time with my friends and family and also go to the yard and be with my horses