January 24, 2010, Joe Brry Memorial Cup Finals

Zacara wins Joe Barry Memorial Cup

By Alex Webbe


Zacara jumped out to an early 3-1 lead, but the Hawks fought their way back into the contest with a balanced attack and a determined defense.

Three unanswered goals from the Hawks in the second period had them ahead 4-3.  Fred Mannix, Jr. scored on a penalty shot in the third chukker before Jeff Hall answered with a pair of penalty goals of his own.  The first half ended in a 5-5 tie,

Both teams continued to charge up and down the field as shots were taken, and shots were blocked.

The Hawks opened the fourth period with a goal from the field by Fred Mannix, Jr. and a goal from the field from 10-goaler Mariano Aguerre to go up by two goals before Toto Collardin got Zacara on the scoreboard.  The chukker ended with Zacara trailing by a single goal, 7-6. 

Aguerre scored twice from the field for the Hawks in the fifth, but penalty conversions from Jeff Hall and Collardin kept the margin at a single goal, trailing Zacara, 908 with a single chukker left to play.

Hall tied the game at 9-9 in the sixth chukker with a penalty shot before single goals from Julian Mannix and Aguerre game them an 11-9 lead.  Zacara strengthened its attack and the Hawk defense began to fold.  Goals from Collardin and Gonzalo del Tour were followed by another goal from Hall for a 12-11 advantage.  Collardin’s fifth goal of the game ended play with Zacara riding off with the 13-11 win.

Hall led all scoring with seven goals.  Collardin added five goals to the win with del Tour accounting for a single goal.

Aguerre led the Hawks with five goals.  Fred Mannix, Jr. scored four times and single goals were each recorded by Julian Mannix and Cachi Garcia.

Hall’s 10-year-old Thoroughbred mare, Sparkles, was named Best Playing Pony while Toto Collardin was named MVP