Jockey Club Finals Set

The day has come! On Saturday 23/9 on court 1 that the organizing institution owns in San Isidro, the grand final of the 58th Jockey Club Open – Thai Polo Cup will be held.

From 15.00 the defending champion Scone will face La Dolfina in a great family duel. On the one hand Adolfito Cambiaso; while on the other will play his son Poroto and his nephews Barto and Jeta Castagnola. Game!

If you can’t go to San Isidro, watch it live, via streaming on

The teams:

Scone: Camilo Castagnola 10, David Paradice 0, Adolfo Cambiaso (n) 10 and Bartolomé Castagnola (h) 10. Total: 30.

La Dolfina: Mariano González (h) 7, Paco De Narváez 4, Tomás Panelo 9 and Adolfo Cambiaso (h) 10. Total: 30.

Judges: Gastón Lucero and Guillermo Villanueva (h). Arbitrator: Matthias Baibiene.

The remainig teams:

Monterosso: Lucas Criado (h) 6, David Stirling (h) 10, Facundo Pieres 9 and Juan M. Nero 10. Total: 35.

La Hache P. T.: Carlos M. Ulloa 7, Hilario Ulloa 9, Francisco Elizalde 9 and Edward Banner-Eve 5. Total: 30.

Betania Argentina Polo Gin: Manuel Calafell 6, Gerónimo Obregón 6, Tomás García del Río 7 and Alejo Taranco 9. Total: 28.

The Cove: Ernesto Gutiérrez 0, Juan Britos (h) 9, Guillermo Caset (h) 9 and Alfredo Bigatti 9. Total: 27.

Cañuelas P. T.: Pedro Zacharias 8, Gonzalo Ferrari 6, Bautista García 6 and Hilario Figueras 6. Total: 26.