La Aguada Autumn Cup

Los Nocheros, the first champions of the year at La Aguada Polo Club


La Aguada Polo Club already have the first champions of 2018. Los Nocheros beat Los Cocos by a narrow 9-8 and claimed the X La Aguada Autumn Cup, following the finals that took place on Sunday March 26, at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door, Argentina.


A minute of silence was observed before the start of the championship game, as a tribute to Jorge MacDonough, the prestigious veterinarian, horse breeder, directive and player, father to Pablo and Matias and one of the most important polo personalities, who passed away unexpectedly on Saturday March 24.


The final match was very balanced, with several ties and a slight advantage for Los Cocos, who reached a 7-6 lead at the start of the last chukker. Los Nocheros reinforced their attack in that last period and outscored Los Cocos 2-0 to make it at 8-7. However, Los Cocos regrouped, and tied at 8-all with only seconds to go, to force an extra chukker. A foul awarded to Los Nocheros ended in a 30-yards penalty, converted by Isidro Strada, to secure Sebastian Schneberger’s team the win and the title as well as a sort of a rematch, as they have lost to the then unbeaten Rafael Zubillaga’s foursome, in the last qualifying round.


Mackenzie Weisz was named MVP, and Pipe Pistone was presented with the Fair Play Award.


Score Los Nocheros: 1-2, 2-2, 4-4, 5-6, 6-7, 8-8, 9-8.


Previously, La Querencia won the Subsidiary Cup, after defeating La Aguada Escorihuela Gascón 9.7. Alejandro Pistone filled in for Simón Prado, within La Querencia. 


The competition showcased four teams up to 14 goals, and was the first of the three tournaments due this Autumn in Argentina, at the home of the Novillo Astrada family.



Los Cocos: Rafael Zubillaga 0, Cristian Nordheimer 4, Tomás Lalor 6, Octavio Olmedo 4. Total: 14

La Aguada Escorihuela Gascón: Juan Pablo Georgalos 1, Benjamin Mignaquy 3, Santiago Araya Jr. 5, Juan Carlos Harriet 5. Total: 14

Los Nocheros: Juan Sebastian Schneberger 1, Weisz Mackenzie 1, Valentín Novillo Astrada 6, Isidro Strada 5. Total: 13

La Querencia: Lucas Bosch 2, Felipe Pistone 2, Manuel Sunblad 4, Simón Prado 4. Total: 12



Monday, March 19

11,30am: Los Nocheros 12 s vs. La Aguada Escorihuela Gascón 8

2,30pm: Los Cocos 9 vs. La Querencia 5

Wednesday, March 21

11am: La Querencia 9 vs. Los Nocheros 8

3,30pm: Los Cocos  7 vs. La Aguada Escorihuela Gascón 3

Friday, March 23

12,30pm: Los Cocos 11 vs. Los Nocheros 9

3,30pm: La Aguada Escorihuela Gascón 9 vs. La Querencia 8

Sunday, March 25 – Finals

10am: La Querencia 9 vs. La Aguada Escorihuela Gascón 7

12pm: Los Nocheros 9 vs. Los Cocos  8