La Aguada Ladies Cup final

Bearing Capital wins La Aguada Ladies Cup

La Aguada Ladies Cup concluded yesterday, Friday 22nd October, with the victory of Bearing Capital who defeated Unibike 7-6 with a golden goal by Agustina Zubia

In the previous matches of the day Kawasaki defeated Unlimited Trade 5 1/2-5 for the third place of the Handicap Cup, Pestelli won the Handicap Cup against Pilara 5 1/2-5 and BMW JaegerLeCoultre defeated Millas Polo 5-2 for the third place in the Open

Javier Novillo Astrada presided the prize presentation and handed Clara Cassino the  Most Valuable Player award.

The Teams

KAWASAKI: Patricia Panzarasa (0), Ryan Roy (4), Celeste Gimenez (4), Josefina Anca (5). Total: 13 

UNLIMITED TRADE: Jessica Massimiani (2), Cecilia Pieres (2t), Camila Rossi (5), Sophie Taylor (5). Total: 12

PESTELLI: Heloise Lorentzen (2), Jeanine Hugo (3), Aurora Eastwood (5), Alice Gipps (4). Total: 14 

PILARA: Malena Sicilia Colombo (1), Marianela Castagnola (8), Stefanie Haverhals (4), María Otonello (3), Total: 16 

BMW-JAEGER-LeCOULTRE: Cecilia Vigo (0), Lynly Fong (2), Lia Salvo (7), Maria Gimenez (7). Total: 16 

MILLAS DE POLO: Lucia Junqueira (2), Magdalena Escriña (3), Lucia Escriña (4), Dolores Bunge (5). Total: 14

BEARING CAPITAL: Ginevra Visconti (0), Teresa Zuberbuhler (4), Agustina Zubia (5), Natacha Baecher (6). Total: 15 

UNIBIKE: Pia Vogel (2), Clara Cassino (4), Ina Lalor (4), Catalina Bunge (6). Total: 16