Maserati Miami Beach Polo finalists decided

Three teams 2-0 after second day of Maserati Beach Polo

By Alex Webbe

In the second day of competition in the Maserati
Miami Beach Polo World
Cup in Miami Beach, the favorites continued to reign.  Victories by Maserati, Yellow Cab and The
Raleigh had the officials turning to net and then gross goals to determine the

Maserati opened the day with an 11-6 win over
a vastly improving Gascon team that trailed by only a couple of goals for most
of the game.

Gascon’s Lindor Novillo Corvalan scored the
first goal of the game on a penalty conversion. 
Maserati responded with a penalty goal from Facundo Obregon and a goal
from the field from Guille Usandizaga. 
The first chukker ended with Maserati holding a 2-1 advantage over

Obregon scored on a penalty goal in the
second chukker followed by a penalty goal from Corvalan and a two-pointer from
George Olivas for a 4-4 tie.  Two more
goals from Usandizaga ended the first half with Maserati holding on to a 6-4

Corvalan converted a two-pointer to open the
second half in a 6-6 tie, but Maserati raced back into the game.  Two goals from Usandizaga closed out the
third period with Maserati ahead again by two goals, 8-6.

Maserati and Usandizaga took control of the
game in the fourth.  Three consecutive
goals from Usandizaga went unanswered as Maserati cruised to a comfortable 11-6

Usandizaga’s nine goals led all scorers.  Obregon added two penalty goals for the Maserati

Corvalan accounted for four points for Gascon,
including a two-pointer.  Olivas added a
two-pointer for Gascon as well.


Yellow Cab drove onto the beach in high gear
as they ran up a 4-0 lead over a confused Lufthansa Private Jet trio that could
do little to stop the attack.  Juan
Monteverde scored two goals from the field while Kampsen scored once from the field
and once on a penalty shot.  Lufthansa
Private Jet was grounded and trailed by four goals after the first period of

Jamie Morrison scored from the field and Tommy
Kato converted a penalty shot in the second. 
The Lufthansa defense held Yellow Cab to a single Monteverde goal in the
chukker.  Yellow Cab held a three goal,
5-2 lead at the end of the first half.

Defense was the byword in the second
half.  Simon Garber managed a goal from
the field for Yellow Cab, but Luis Escobar cancelled it out with a goal of his
own.  After three periods Yellow Cab held
on to a 6-3 lead.

The two teams exchanged goals in the final
chukker with Escobar scoring on a two-pointer for Lufthansa Private Jet while Yellow
Cab garnered a penalty goal from Garber and a goal from the field from
Kampsen.  It might not have been pretty,
but Yellow Cab drove off of the field with an 8-5 victory.

Kampsen and Monteverde scored three goals
apiece for Yellow Cab.  Garber added two
for the win.

Escobar was high point man for Lufthansa
Private Jet.  Morrison and Kato added single
goals in the loss.


The Raleigh took the lead in the opening
chukker and controlled the ball throughout for the 14-10 victory over Heys

Heys USA got a pair of goals from the field
from Nic Roldan in the opening period but The Raleigh established their
superiority early with a pair of goals from Gringo Colombres.  John Gobin added a goal from the field and a
two-point goal from over fifty yards away for the 5-2 advantage.

Heys USA got back into it in the second
chukker, picking up a penalty goal from Shaun Garber.  Roldan picked up three more points, scoring
once from the field on a single point goal and adding two more points as he tapped
the ball into the air at midfield and batting it through the goal posts.  Colombres added three goals for The Raleigh
(two on penalty shots).  At the halfway
point, The Raleigh led by two goals, 8-6.

Garber converted another penalty shot for a
goal in the third and Phillips added two from the field.  The Raleigh got two more goals from Colombres
and a goal from Bash Kazi.  Gobin added
another two-pointer as The Raleigh galloped off to a 13-9 lead.

Colombres scored a final goal for The Raleigh
in the fourth chukker and Heys was limited to a penalty goal from Shaun
Garber.  The Raleigh would take the game,
14-10, and find their way into the finals with Yellow Cab by a one goal margin.

With Maserati, Yellow Cab and The Raleigh all
tied with identical 2-0 records the officials turned to gross goals
scored.  All were tied at 23.  Turning to net goals, The Raleigh and Yellow
Cab had +7 and Maserati had + 6, and the finals were set.  Yellow Cab would battle the 2011 defending championship
Raleigh team for the 2012 Maserati Miami Beach World Cup.