McLaren Cup

Bin Drai achieves a great victory against Habtoor Polo for the McLaren Cup 2018

Bin Drai defeated Habtoor Polo by 9 goals to 8 in the single match held today for the McLaren Cup, the opening trophy of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series 2018, 18-goals handicap competition, at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club. 

It was a great victory for patron Rashid Bin Drai ́s team to get back on the competition and to put the tournament much more even than it was before. 

After five full speed chukkers, Bin Drai achieved to defeat Habtoor Polo and now both teams have one victory each leaving their chances to reach semifinals in their last qualifying matches this weekend. 

Francisco Elizalde (Habtoor Polo) was the top scorer of the match with 7 goals and Raúl Laplacette the top scorer on the winning team with 5. 

Match Progression
Bin Drai:
2-3/ 4-4/ 7-5/ 8-7/ 9-8 

The McLaren Cup will continue tomorrow with Mahra Polo playing against Zedan from 2 pm at field 1 of the Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club.