Missing ‘Missy’

Missing ‘Missy’

On Thursday 20th August between 7pm and 8pm a small pet Chihuahua named Missy was brutally stolen from a parked car as its owners were inside IKEA Wembly, shopping. The car door was broken into and ‘Missy’ was taken and has now vanished – it is suspected she was stolen to sell.

Missy is very well known withn the polo community. She is owned by Becky Simpson from La Martina Shop at Guards Polo Club. Anyone who visited the shop will remember her. She is distinctive because she has a short lower jaw with a tongue that sticks out and because of this is particularly appealing.

A substantial financial reward is now available to anyone that can come forward with Missy.

The owners spent all evening searching the surrounding areas, asking other shoppers at IKEA and exploring every possible avenue of finding Missy. They are now returning with flyers and posters to distribute around the local areas.

It has been said by stolen dog associations that there has been a spate of dogs stolen from this car park and the public should be made aware of this risk.

Missy is a loved pet and is of great sentimental value. Please help find missing Missy.

To contact the owner please call Becky on 07768 328 102.