Opening day at La Aguada Polo Club Open

Opening day at La Aguada Polo Club Open

Los Machitos and Sol de Agosto scored opening wins, in a new edition of La Aguada Polo Club Open, in the first day of action, held at Monte, Province of Buenos Aires. 

The tournament, one of the highest handicap rated tournaments of the much competitive Autumn season in Argentina, features four teams up to 30 goals, that showcases the Novillo Astrada brothers, as well as some of the world’s top players, such  Mariano Aguerre, Francisco de Narvaez Jr. and Francisco Bensadon.

Today’s results:

Los Machitos 10 vs. Alegria 7

Sol de Agosto 9 vs. La Aguada 7

The competition will resume on Wednesday April 27, with two games. Both will be played at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door, at 11am: 

Los Machitos vs. Sol de Agosto

Alegria vs. La Aguada

The Teams

Los Machitos: Eduardo Novillo Astrada Jr. (9), Mariano Aguerre (9), Naco Taverna (6), Nick Manifold (5). Total: 29

Alegria: Javier Novillo Astrada (9), Francisco Bensadon (8), Fred Mannix (7), Carlos Avendaño (6). Total: 30

Sol de Agosto: Ignacio Novillo Astrada (9), Francisco de Narvaez Jr. (8), Alejandro Novillo Astrada (8), Juan Carlos Hariet (5). Total: 30

La Aguada: Miguel Novillo Astrada (9), Julio Novillo Astrada (8), Hernán Tasso (7), Santiago Bottaro (5). Total: 29


Monday, April 25 (El Monte)

2pm: Los Machitos vs. Alegria

4pm: La Aguada vs. Sol de Agosto

Wednesday, April 27 (La Aguada)

11am: Los Machitos vs. Sol de Agosto

11am: Alegria vs. La Aguada

Friday, April 29 (Sol de Agosto)

2pm: TBA

4pm: TBA

Finals – Sunday, May 1 (La Aguada)

TBA: Subsidiary Final

TBA: Final La Aguada Polo Club Open