Pacific Coast Open – Final

SANTA BARBARA, CA. (September 3rd, 2023) The Pacific Coast Open witnessed a
memorable conclusion this weekend, marking the culmination of the 2023 high goal season.

Additionally, our 8-goal Rincon League successfully wrapped up their tournament series.
Folded Hills/Zahedi Chogan advanced to the Carpinteria Cup final after defeating BFBST/Novis
by a narrow two goal margin Lucchese met them in the final after a tight match against Klentner
Ranch. After being tied in the first chukker of the final, Lucchese gradually picked up the pace to
be up by 4 goals in the 5th chukker, and end the sixth 14-11. Jimmy Wright was recognized as
MVP. BPP was awarded to Dificil, owned by Laguna Setubal Group.

A busy week for the 20 goal teams, with the Pacific Coast Open subsidiary, semifinals, and final
unfolding. In the subsidiary game, CK Shack (formerly A Team) maintained an early lead against However, the tables turned towards the end as scored a
total 7 goals in the last two chukkers, clinching the win 11-10.

Brookshire showed up to the semi finals with determination, dominating the first half of the
match against Antelope with a 6-goal lead. They successfully held through the increased offense
while continuing to score goals after half time, finishing the match 10-8. The intense face off
between Farmers & Merchants Bank and Klentner Ranch saw the latter maintaining a lead until
the 4th chukker, which ended in a tie. The tie continued into the 5th chukker and was only broken
in the 6th with a near side goal by Lucas Criado Jr. In an amazing chukker for Farmers &
Merchants Bank, Will Busch does his part to solidify the lead with an impressive goal, and Lucas
Criado Jr finishes the match with one final goal, FMB winning 14-10.

The Pacific Coast Open Final drew a packed grandstand and populated tailgate.
Brookshire led the high-scoring game with the first goal withing 30 seconds by Pacquito De
Narvaez. With 14 shots on goal before halftime, 10 of them counted for points with Brookshire in
the lead 6-4. They came back after half time with unyielding spirit, scoring 5 goals in the 4th
chukker and with 3 more goals before the final horn, the Silver Cup champions claimed the 5ft
Pacific Coast Open trophy 14-8. Tomas Panelo, who ended the match with 7 goals and never
missed a penalty shot, was awarded MVP. Supucai, owned and played by Peke Gonzales, was
awarded BPP. Additional congratulations to Peke Gonzalez for winning both the Molly Quigley
Best String Award and the Skene Sportsmanship Award for the 2023 season.