Perfect Weather

Perfect Weather

Still smarting from having their last match snatched from them, the Gold team brought its righteous vengeance to the field this morning. Led by Coach Gillespie and ably supported by Mallet Menace Vic Nadir, Canadian Gent Watt and Celtic Lass Tustian, the Golds were touted as having an easy path to victory.  After five minutes of ground dueling, they proved the pundits correct when Mallet Menace put one on the scoreboard with two strong strokes. The Reds were unable to match that.

Two early goals by `Freight Train Butler began to put a lie to the prognosticators until Mallet Menace poured four lightning strikes dead centre through the Red goals.One of the goals was so strongly hit that only a bit more than half the ball ultimately passed through the posts. A bad seven minutes for Red left the score at Gold 5  Red 2.

The Red squad settled down in the third period with a classic goal shot for Freight Train and a first in his life goal for the newest player on the field, Rockin’ Rory. Well done , Rory.  There will be many more to come .  Not to be forgotten, Mallet Menace closed out the chukker with another cracking shot to leave Gold ahead 6 – 4.

Led by a bullet sixty yard penalty shot by Big Boy Clayton Kiyonaga that streaked by no less than six players  and ponies, the Red squad brought the score to even with a wicked line drive by Freight Train Butler. Mallet Menace, however, spoiled Reds’ fun with a last minute score to put Gold back on the box seat. 7 – 6

In an final turn of the wheel, Golds secured victory when Coach Gillespie scored once and Canadian Gent Watt scored twice. Big Boy Clayton added to Reds’ score but not enough to recapture the lead. Golds triumphed 10 – 7.