Restrictions Reduced for Players and Teams

The following was agreed at the HPA Council Meeting held on 19th November 2009.


Restrictions Reduced for Players and Teams

Following discussions between the Hurlingham Polo Association, the New Zealand Polo Association and the Australian Polo Council, it has been agreed that reciprocity between the three associations is important if the most talented and committed players from these countries are to develop and eventually compete with the dominant polo playing country in the world – Argentina. Hence from now, the small number of HPA members from Australia and New Zealand who have been registered with their national associations for three years or more shall no longer be regarded as “Overseas Sponsored Players” by the HPA. Reciprocal arrangements will apply in New Zealand and Australia. Players from South Africa already enjoy non OSP status in the UK through a trade agreement with the EU. However, all non-EU players wishing to play here will still have to obtain a work permit. 


With the exception of the High Goal and Victor Ludorum tournaments, the restrictions for other club tournaments will be officially lifted and replaced by “Player Handicap Guidelines” as below:

·                                             0 Goal        Player handicap –2 to 3 with limit of 3 goals any two players.

·                                             2 Goal        Player handicap –2 to 3 with limit of 4 goals any two players.

·                                             4 Goal        Player handicap –2 to 4 with limit of 6 goals any two players.

·                                             6 Goal        Player handicap –2 to 5 with limit of 8 goals any two players.

·                                             8 Goal        Player handicap –1 to 6.

·                                             12 Goal      Player handicap –1 to 7.

·                                             15 Goal      Player handicap   0 to 10.

A club will of course be free to make any of the above or an adaptation thereof a rule for a specific tournament or tournaments should they so wish.


These changes will give greater flexibility to those putting teams together at all levels and should provide greater opportunities for all players. Other non-EU players will not be disadvantaged as the Australian and New Zealand players will no longer be competing for any OSP slot.  In addition, the Stewards are looking at other changes to the tournament conditions for 2011 which will include the number of chukkas played, the levels, and the possibility of introducing a Home Grown Player rule for certain levels