Santa Agueda wins Copa Provincia de Buenos Aires

Santa Agueda outclass Don Urbano to win the Copa Provincia de Buenos Aires

As the Argentine high goal season comes to a close, the grounds at Palermo play host to a variety of AAP tournaments at all levels. The Copa Provincia de Buenos Aires, previously the subsidary tournament of the Argentine Open, has been reincarnated as an 18-23 goal tournament and saw entries from 28 teams. 


In yesterday’s final, Santa Agueda defeated Don Urbano convincingly, 19-10. Starting with a 4 goal handicap advantage, Santa Agueda maintained their lead throughout the first half of the match, their four lower rated players relying on teamwork and tenacity to run round Merlos (9) and Grossi (8). It has to be said that the core of the Don Urbano team were dissapointingly mounted, perhaps having expected an easy ride. In the fourth chukka, Santa Agueda ran away with the game, with Grossi and Merlos having lost the confidence to pass to their two Brazilian three goalers. Unable to control the game and clearly unsettled by the relentless pressure Santa Agueda applied, they buckled and never looked like recovering thereafter.


For me, man of the match was Santa Agueda’s captain, Gines Bargallo who managed to instill military discipline amongst his sometimes volatile team mates. Lucas Talamoni (4) showed talent that validates the HPA’s decision to put him up to six goals in the UK and having invested heavily in horsepower, an increasing maturity in a team setting. Fede Boudou played a stunning game, converting some unlikely looking opportunities, while Horacio Etcheverry took every opportunity to get loose and make the most of his horses’ speed.


Judging by the cloud of post match depression hanging over the Don Urbano team, they had not expected such tough opposition. However, the match did demonstrate how much of a contribution top horses make to the ability of 8 and 9 goal players.


Santa Agueda (19): Lucas Talamoni (4), Federico Boudou (4), Horacio Etcheverry (6) and Gines Bargallo (5)

Don Urbano Itanhanga (23): Rodrigo Pinheiro (3), Juan Garcia Grossi (8), Juan I Merlos (9) and Norberto Pinheiro (3)

Progression (Santa Agueda vs. Don Urbano Itanhanga): (4-0), 6-1, 7-3, 10-6, 13-6, 17-7, 19-10