Semi finals of the Argentine Open

La Dolfina Jaeger Le Coultre versus Chapa Uno Toyota

On a cloudy afternoon, La Dolfina Jaeger Le Coultre outclassed Chapa Uno Toyota Polo Team 18-15 to reach their third Movistar Argentine Open final in a row, yesterday at the renew Palermo polo fields. Therefore, Adolfo Cambiaso’s squad will try to retain the titlethey won in 2005 and 2006 against the winners of the game between Ellerstina Etiqueta Negra and Indios Chapaleufu II Culu Culu.

In the preliminary encounter, held at the number two field, El Paraiso Polo Team won their first match in the most important polo tournament in the world, beating Alegrìa Park Hyatt 17-10.In spite of the fact that neither of the squads had chances, they played an open and interesting match.

The second game resulted rare as there were many changes in the actions. In fact, in the first two chukkers there were many fouls (14 in total)with both squads committing many errors with the ball, playing bravely but without ideas. Thus there were many interruptions and just a few good goals.

On the contrary, in the next two periods both teams showed their best face, playing open, riding speedy, scoring high class goals and doing just one foul. Bolstered by the improving performance of Cambiaso, the winners took a two goals lead in the start of the third chukker, but immediately Chapa Uno equalized with other two goals scored by their best figure, Bautista Heguy.

La Dolfina put ahead again with a place penalty when the third chukker was ending, and in the following 7 minutes everything was for them as with

three goals done by Mariano Aguerre who played a great match, and another by Cambiaso, they began to take a wide leading margin in the score to gain the game without a hitch. Meanwhile, Chapa Uno looked disconnected, losing their markings and playing below form.

In the next three periods La Dolfina increased the lead progressively, putting up their best team work lately and showing they are serious candidates to retain the title. Led by Cambiaso, with Monteverde and Aguerre winning in the midfield and Lolo Castagnola playing perfect in defence, the last Champions started the last chukker 18-11 ahead, with the final result decided. Then they slowed down, preserving their best horses for the next final, and it was then when Chapa Uno narrowed the gap with four goals scored by Bautista Heguy.

In spite of not having had a superb season, La Dolfina showed again they are a perfect team to win the Argentine Open. On the other side, Chapa Uno future is unknown as Juan Martin Nero will play for Ellerstina next year, and Horacio Heguy Jr. is surely retiring from the high handicap competence.

Mariano Aguerre, one of the best men of the match, said he was happy because they had played well as a team. “We are in the final again, and this is what we expected to. We proved to be a hard team to beat in Palermo, and hope to win my seventh title next Saturday” . About his rivals, he admitted ” I can not say we beat them easily, but we expected a close match, and it was not…”

TEAMS, goals in brackets and chukker scores:

El Paraiso Polo Team (17):
Agustin Merlos 10 (8-6 pen ), Ignacio Toccalino 6 (5), Juan Ignacio Merlos 9 ( 2 ), Francisco De Narvaez Jr. 9 (2-1 pen ).-34 Alegría Park Hyatt (10): Jack Bailleu 7, Frederick Mannix Jr. 7 ( 1), Francisco Bensadon 8 ( 2-1 pen ), Luke Tomlinson 7( 7-4 pen ).- 29

Chukker scores: El Paraíso Polo Team


Referees: Augusto Gomez Romero and Nicolas Scortichini

Judge: Esteban Ferrari

La Dolfina Jaeger Le Coultre ( 18 ):
Adolfo Cambiaso 10 (8-1 corner-4 pen), Lucas Monteverde 9( 4 ), Mariano Aguerre 10 ( 4-1 corner ), Bartolome Castagnola 10 ( 2 ).-39 Chapa Uno Polo Team (15): Juan Martin Nero 9 (4-1 pen), Bautista Heguy 10 (9-5 pen), Horacio Heguy 8 (1)-, Marcos Heguy 10 (1).-37

Chukker scores: La Dolfina Jaeger Le Coultre


Referees: Daniel Boudou and Juan Jose Alberdi

Judge: Matias Baibene