Sumaya edge out Zacara in Cartier Queen’s Cup league

Sumaya edge out Zacara in Cartier Queen’s Cup league

By Herbert Spencer

Amad Aboughzale’s Sumaya narrowly defeated Lyndon Lea’s Zacara 11-10 in their league match for the Cartier Queen’s Cup at Guards Polo Club. 

The two teams appeared evenly matched in the first half of the game, trading the lead or equalising. Sumaya led 3-2 in the first period and the second ended with a 5-5 tie. Then in the third chukka Sumaya held Zacara scoreless and went ahead by a single goal to end the first half 6-5 up.

Sumaya built up a commanding lead in the fourth period, outscoring Zacara four to one to end the chukka 10-6 up. Zacara held their opponents scoreless in the fifth chukka and reduced their deficit to 8-10.

In the sixth and final period Zacara outscored Sumaya two to one, but it came too late and Sumaya won the match 11-10.

Zacara had been one of the favourites in the tournament, having won the British Open in 2011 and the US Open earlier this year, but they have now lost both their league matches and appear out of the running. 

League competition for the Cartier Queen’s continues on Tuesday, 29 May, when Dubai meets Belmont Farm on Dubai’s private ground and El Remanso plays Salkeld at Guards Polo at Coworth Park.