The Pony Club Polo Championships celebrate 50 years

The Pony Polo Club Championships, generously sponsored by City Capital Corporation, are taking place August 7th-9th at Cowdray Park Polo Club, West Sussex. The Championships host the annual finals for both the Pony Club and Junior HPA Polo sections, including Handley Cross, Surtees, Loriner, Hipwood, Langford, Ledner, Rendell and Gannon.

This year’s Championships will be even more exciting as they celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Pony Club Polo Championships.  The Championships have been played at six different locations throughout their 50 year history beginning at Aldershot, 8th September 1959, when Brigadier Jack Gannon and Major Claude Davenport organized five Pony Club Branch teams to play at the Mons Officer Cadet School. The Championships have changed venue several times throughout the years from Aldershot, to Cirencester (1964) then Kirtlington (1968), onto Windsor (1971) and back to Cirencester (1974) before finally finding their perfect venue and settling at Cowdray Park in 1977!!

Each year The Championships enjoy three strong days of youth polo as more than 200 players, across 58 teams, battle it out for victory in their Sections. The finals on Sunday afternoon, are a special occasion but before the polo begins the spectacular parade of all Championship team players takes place. As well as the all important sport aspect, as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations this year’s finals day will also be enjoying the company of past Pony Club Polo Chairmen, Committee Members and Team Managers at a special lunch; everyone will then be glued to the nail biting Section finals, culminating with the Gannon section, the pinnacle for any Pony Club Polo player.

The now very established three day championship always delivers a terrific display of sportsmanship, determination and, above all, fun!

Pony Club Polo incorporates the following sections Rendell (Under 21, 4 Chukka), Ledner (Under 21, 1 Chukka), Loriner (Under 16, 1 Chukka), Surtees (Under 14, 1 Chukka), Handley Cross (Under 14, 1 Chukka), Jorrocks under 11, 1 chukka)
Junior HPA incorporates the following sections: Gannon (Under 21, 4 Chukka), Langford (Under 21, 4 Chukka), Hipwood (Under 15, 3 Chukka).
Pony Club Polo is kindly sponsored by City Capital Corporation (3C), and also Roxton’s Sporting, The Polo Splice and South American Trade Services (SATS)