Third Annual Club Polo Cabo Baja Gold Cup 2010

Third Annual Club Polo Cabo Baja Gold Cup 2010

On November 20th and 21st, 2010, Club Polo Cabo had its season opening with the competition for the Baja Gold Cup in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico with Diamond International serving as the title sponsor.

This tournament included the participation of two teams of women professional players from around the world and two teams of men professional polo players of the same handicapin

Battle of the Sexes.

Players arrived on the 18th, at the FIESTA AMERICANA GRAND RESORT the Club Polo season sponsor, and had a welcoming cocktail reception at the beautiful setting of the hotel on the beach.  General Manager Alberto Gurolla, and Club Polo President Tony Yahyai welcomed everyone.

 Friday was a leisurely paced day with the players doing some fishing, shopping and resting during the day with polo great Sunny Hale catching a 100-pound marlin.

Friday evening started with a cocktail reception at one of the team’s sponsors, Mercedes Benz,  who unveiled their new Mercedes SEC63 to the region, a great party!

Later that night everyone gathered at Nicki Beach of the ME Hotel, another team sponsor, for another party hosted by Ernesto Luna, General Manager of the ME Hotel; right on The Sea of Cortez, with candlelight and fireplace.

Finally, on Saturday the 20th at 11:30 AM the games got underway. The first match was between two ladies teams- Team Diamond International: Sunny Hale (Palm Beach), Kristy Waters (Texas), Jacki Pope (England) and Team Mercedes Benz: Leslie Masterton (Jamaica), Carline Anuier (France/Indio), Briana Galindo (California).

Secretary of Tourism  Mr. Lic. Jacobo Turquie Alcerreca attended the games and performed the first throw-in.

The four chukker match got started with a ferocious battle between the ladies, and at the end of the 4th chukker, the score was tide up at 4-4.  In order to give the horses rest before the next match, a penalty shoot-out got under-way with team Diamond International winning the match, 6-4. Right after,  El Comal restaurant prepared very tasty gourmet lunch on great setting of VIP  tent. Clase Azul Tequila, the best tequila in Mexico as the official sponsor, served their wonderful tasting tequila. Also, Vinoteca served their various line of wines together with Corona serving to all. Mariano Lemus at CABOFACES.NET made sure everyone posed for the camera to take this wonderful experience home.

In the afternoon, the men team started their match;

Team Club Polo/Fiesta Americana: Tony Yahyai (Iran/US), Carlos Galindo (U.S/Mexico) 

Alvaro Tadeo (Mexico/US).

Team ME Hotel/Nicki beach: George Olivas (Texas), Scott Zimer (US), Rogelio Sada (Mexico).

The first two chukkers as per Sunny Hale the umpire was like a bar fight, Alvaro made great shot to the goal at the angle from behind mid field and that put Club Polo on the score board, Tony Yahyai converted two penalties to goal and one pass from Carlos and one from the line up all the way to goal, the final score was 10-3 favor of Club Polo with 3 goals from Alvaro, three goals for Carlos and four goals from Tony, in the Nicki Beach team each player had one goal.

Saturday evening, everyone gathered at Casa Dorada Hotel for a charity dinner in the honor of Children Cancer Foundation in Cabo, Diamond International and Clase Azul Tequila donated varies items for the charity auction. On Sunday morning, the consolation match got stared between, Team Mercedes Benz and ME Hotel/Nicki Beach, it was all tide up until the last 30 seconds when Scott Zimer of the Nicki Beach team committed a foul giving team Mercedes Benz the opportunity to score and win and put the men’s team in fourth place.

At lunch time the charity auction was stared by no other than our own Steve Lewandowski an auctioneer and our game announcer. Clase Azul Tequila auctioned their best Tequila, ULTRA, Diamond International, Vinoteca and Club Polo  offered additional items for the auction.


At last the final match got stared between Club Polo/Fiesta American men’s team and the Diamond International women’s team, Sunny Hale verses Carlos Galindo.  Since the handicap was not even, the women’s team received two goals by handicap, to start the game. Early play saw Tony Yahyai convert a shot to goal to put Club Polo on the score board. Throughout all four chukkers, both teams were neck and neck. In the final minute of play, Club Polo was ahead by two goals. Sunny Hale scored a final goal in the final seconds of play, but came up one goal short, with Club Polo/Fiesta American winning by a narrow one goal margin, by 6-5.  At the trophy ceremony all team members  received trophies that were presented by each team sponsor. 

Sunday night Alberto Gurolla was kind enough to have a great dinner prepared just for the teams and Club Polo Staff at Fiesta American resort’s exclusive setting around bonfire at the pool side, with the view of the ocean.

Tony Yahyai, President  of Club Polo Cabo, would like to thank first all the team members for taking the time to come to Cabo and helping to promote the wonderful sport of polo in the Cabo region.  A great deal of thanks were also offered to the title sponsor, Diamond International,  one of world’s biggest diamond dealers, with a great location in downtown Cabo San Lucas, Fiesta American Grand Resort, with many locations in Mexico and Latin America (its Cabo location being the most luxurious of all).  A special thanks to Mercedes Benz , wishing them success with their new great looking Mercedes SEC 63, ME Hotel /Nicki Beach with their best club in Cabo THE PASION Club, a place where celebrities and the best looking people come together, Clase Azul Tequila with their unforgetable tequila tasting, and National Rent Car (Official Season Transportation for Club Polo) and all the other contributors to this event.