VI Argentine Amateur Tournament

© Adrian Melo

Esmowing captured the VI Argentine Amateur Tournament presented by Rio Uruguay Seguros

Esmowing claimed the VI Argentine Amateur Championship, presented by Río Uruguay Seguros, after beating La Malterina SBG by a 14-8 score, in the final that took place on Sunday November 3, at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door, Argentina.

Miguel Novillo Astrada presented the MVP Award to Nicolás Pisarenko, as well as the Fair Play Award to Tomás Urien.

The results of the other finals of the day were:

Los Canarios by Tribu 11 vs La Aguada 8

Praderas 8 vs Miralejos 5

Libres del Sur 10 vs Core Capital 5

The VI Argentine Amateur Championship, the opening tournament of the 2019 spring season at La Aguada Polo Club, featured six teams up to 24 goals (amateur handicap), broken down into two leagues. As usual, and after the awards ceremony, players, sponsors and special guests enjoyed  a delicious asado, on a splendid sunny spring Sunday, in a remarkable event which is already established as one of the most traditional and popular competitions of the polo calendar in Argentina, and which brings the opportunity to strengthen the true values of the sport, the main purpose of this tournament held at the Novillo Astrrada family’s home – encourage the friendly competition while having a great time and enjoy with family and friends.

We are very thankful to all the participating teams and players; to our sponsors, for their commitment; to the media for the support; and to everybody who came throughout the tournament!


  • League A

Libres del Sur: Emiliano Nespola 5, Ariel de la Fuente 6, Christian Condomi Alcorta 7, Juan Gómez 6. Total: 24

Los Canarios by Tribu: Julián Martínez 5, Diego Steverlynck 5, Javier Uranga 8, Mike Vigano 6. Total: 24

La Aguada: Tomás Allende 5, Mariano Bosch 5, Francisco Soldati 6T, Maximiliano Pistone 7. Total: 23

La Malterina SBG: Matías Malter Terrada 5, Juan Saffratti 4, Ignacio Abelenda 7, Alejandro Amadeo y Videla 6. Total: 22

  • League B

Esmowing: Nicolás Pisarenko 6, Nicolás Fernández Llorente 6, Gustavo Courreges 6T, Marcelo Young 6. Total: 24

Praderas: Jorge Urquiza 6, Diego Sirito 6, Lucas Plamero 7, Conrado Fernández Cancio 5. Total: 24

Core Capital: Antonio Lanusse 5, Iñaki Bortaburu 6, Gonzalo Moretti 5, Christian von Rennenkampff 7. Total: 23

Miralejos: Roberto Jerónimo Bosch 5, Augusto Reese 5, Thomas Urien 6, Emiliano J. Urien 7.  Total: 23


Friday October 25 (Date 2)

Esmowing 11 vs. Core Capital 8

Saturday October 26 (Date 1)

La Malterina SBG 12 vs. Libres del Sur 9

Esmowing 11 vs. Miralejos 6

Los Canarios 7 vs. La Aguada 6

Praderas 8 vs. Core Capital 5

Wednesday October 30

Esmowing 11 vs. Core Capital 8

Thursday October 31

La Malterina SBG 12 vs. Libres del Sur 9

Friday November 1

La Malterina SBG 12 vs. Libres del Sur 9

Saturday November 2

Libres del Sur 10 vs. Los Canarios by Tribu 7

La Aguada 11 vs. La Malterina SBG 7

Esmowing 11 vs. Praderas 3

Core Capital 9 vs. Miralejos 7

Sunday, November 3 – FINALS

4th. League A vs. 4th. League B

3rd. League A vs. 3rd. League B

2nd. League A vs. 2nd. League B

1st. League A vs. 1st. League B