VII Guards La Aguada Polo Trophy

Wins for Escorihuela Gascon and Tattleton in second day of action at VII Guards La Aguada Polo Trophy


Escorihuela Gascón and Whitehall Ranch remained undefeated following their respective wins in the second day of action at VII Guards La  Aguada Polo Trophy, held within the 2017 HSBC Spring Season at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door, Argentina. 


Escorihuela Gascón beat Cowdray Vikings by a 6 – 5,5 score and Whitehall Ranch took a 9 – 7,5 win over Tattleton.


The competition will resume on Friday November 30, and a new date has been set for the finals – these are due on Saturday December 2, in the morning.





Cowdray Vikings: Lila Pearson 0, Alejandro Pistone 3, Ignacio Novillo Astrada 8, Juan Pedro Harriet 4. Total: 15 


Escorihuela Gascón: Juan Pablo Georgalos 1, Tomás Alberdi 4, Juan Carlos Harriet 5, Benjamin Araya Jr. 6. Total: 16


Tattleton: Alex Stone 0, Charlie Cadogan 1, Eduardo Novillo Astrada Jr. 8, Santiago Mendivil 5. Total: 14


Whitehall Ranch: Bill Lane 0, Francisco Benoit 2, Miguel Novillo Astrada 8, Facundo Obregon 6. Total: 16





Monday, November 27

9 30am: Tattleton vs. Escorihuela Gascón

5,30pm: Cowdray Vikings vs. Whitehall Ranch


Wednesday, November 29

10am: Cowdray Vikings vs. Escorihuela Gascón

11,15am: Whitehall Ranch vs. Tattleton


Friday, December 1

10am: Cowdray Vikings vs. Tattleton

11,15am: Whitehall Ranch vs. Escorihuela Gascón


Saturday, December 2 – FINALS 

Subsidiary – 3rd. vs. 4th.

Final La Aguada Guards Polo Trophy – 1st. vs. 2nd.